Life Time Fitness Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Life Time Fitness

Road to the Interview

To begin the Life Time Fitness hiring process, applicants must first submit the required materials. Managers usually review information and contact eligible applicants to set up in-person interviews within a week or two of receiving hiring requisitions.

Prepare for Multiple Interviews

Training and teaching positions at Life Time Fitness require candidates to participate in several interviews with multiple managers ranging in format from question-and-answer sessions to more practical, hands-on skill observations. Prepare for the interviews by brushing up on training methods and health and fitness philosophies. Research the company online and investigate what current or previous employees say about the company work culture.

Dress Appropriately and Arrive On Time

Applicants should tailor apparel to the various types of interviews conducted. Wear business-casual attire for question-and-answer sessions and sports apparel for practical training observations. Arrive on-time and greet each interviewer warmly.

Interviewers Ask These Questions

During initial question-and-answer interviews, candidates may encounter questions and prompts like:

  • Do you know the Life Time Fitness mission and vision?
  • How would you train an injured club member?
  • Pretend I am a potential client; sell me your personal training services.

Be Friendly and Show Interest in the Job

Applicants who exude friendly and enthusiastic qualities usually fare well during job interviews.

The Training Test

Hiring managers also require trainers and instructors to showcase talents and skills by taking an employee through a training session. Communicate clearly and confidently throughout the session, as hiring managers observe both technical and interpersonal skills during observations.

Keep In Contact With Hiring Staff

Stay in touch with Life Time Fitness recruitment staff throughout each procedure and remain patient, as the employment process sometimes takes a month or so for applicants to complete. Upon successfully completing the hiring process, the fitness chain may require new associates to undergo drug testing and background checks, as well.

One user comment:

  1. Nishel

    The interview at lifetime fitness was amazing. The manager asked a lot of greAt questions and the manager generally tried to figure my personality and tried to get a sense of what I am about.
    I applied to be a wsi at lifetime fitness as well, the only thing that could have been better was the contacting on follow up interviews and knowing if I got the job or not. I would love to work at lifetime fitness!


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