LifeWay Christian Store Interview Questions & Tips

The Hiring Process

LifeWay Christian Store looks for sincere, helpful, and hardworking associates to fill over 160 locations in two dozen states. Job hopefuls may find openings on the company website, and request employment by submitting resumes to the designated contact. Upon hiring requisition, managers typically contact applicants within a week to schedule interviews onsite. Job candidates may participate in multiple interviews with different managers before securing job offers; however, exceptional interviewees often gain employment offers after a single interview.

Practice Interviewing and Research the Company

Applicants should prepare for the LifeWay Christian Stores interview process by acquiring knowledge of company vision and rehearsing standard interview questions with a trusted friend.

Show Up On Time and Exude Confidence

Business-casual clothes prove reasonable and standard for attire worn at Lifeway job interviews. Plan to arrive early for best results, as punctuality remains one of the most important qualities of any employee. Greet interviewers with a smile, and focus on each question. During each phase of the hiring process, provide deliberate and thoughtful answers to demonstrate genuine interest in the desired job title.

Handling Interview Questions

Common inquiries include:

  • Why do you want to work here?
  • How would you respond to a customer asking for a product that you were not familiar with?
  • Can you work long hours on your feet?
Keep responses to interview questions concise and show authentic desire to assist customers. Applicants may also want to reference previous jobs or instances where extra effort proved necessary to overcome challenges.

Express Gratitude and Follow Up After Interview

At the end of the LifeWay Christian Store interview process, thank hiring personnel before leaving the concluding session, and check back within a few days in the absence of a formal job offer.

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