L’Occitane Interview Questions & Tips

Interview Formats Vary

Job seekers interested in working at one of over 180 L'Occitane boutiques throughout the country must typically go through a series of interviews required for obtaining employment with the cosmetics retailer. The interview process varies by location, with some stores implementing one-on-one or panel interviews and other retail outlets using group interviews to assess the qualifications of potential employees. Applicants regularly complete phone interviews as well, either before or after meeting with hiring managers in-person.


Candidates should prepare appropriately for any L'Occitane interview format and arrive on time to ensure a good first impression. Interviewees should dress in stylishly professional attire, respond to questions clearly and concisely, and exude confidence at all times to have the best chances at landing jobs.

L'Occitane Interview Questions

Applicants with previous experience in retail may find the L’Occitane interview process easy to navigate, as hiring managers frequently pose questions about serving customers and dealing with typical in-store situations. Prospective associates should also become familiar with product lines ahead of time, as frequently asked questions often check for knowledge of the brand.

Applicants may expect questions such as:

  • How would you define customer service?
  • What would you do to satisfy a disgruntled customer?
  • How comfortable are you with applying makeup directly on customers?

Additional Interview Prep

Hiring managers also use L'Occitane job interviews to gather information about past work experiences, with interviewees consistently having to describe job-related instances of overcoming challenges or resolving problems. Candidates usually have to demonstrate sales skills during interviews, as well.

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