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With more than 8,000 employees around the globe, Long John Silver's hires for both part-time and full-time workers to fill job vacancies on a regular basis. Entry-level work available includes team member and cashier job titles, with specific duties revolving around meal preparation and customer interaction. The fast-service seafood retailer also needs to recruit managers and supervisors with prominent leadership and organizational skills to keep locations functioning at high levels year-round. Job seekers should submit an application online or at a local Long John Silver's to take advantage of employment opportunities available.

Facts About Working at Long John Silver's

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Long John Silver's?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Team Leader, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager, Prep Cook, Cook, Cashier, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Long John Silver’s Job Opportunities

Long John Silver’s boasts a comprehensive training program for new-hires and welcomes first-time or inexperienced workers to apply and gain valuable fast food industry exposure. Workers who show promise in leadership and communication earn opportunities to advance into positions like shift manager. Regular performance reviews allow for raises, and entry-level employees often become eligible for additional benefits, as well. Flexible schedules and meal discounts also describe niceties offered by the fast food chain.

Upper-level associates work long hours to complete all of the administrative and team-building responsibilities required by managers. Previous experience typically proves mandatory for managerial candidates, as management positions require firm grasp of fast food restaurant operations. Long John Silver’s imposes a lot of responsibility on upper-level staffs, but the company rewards motivated leaders with consistent pay on par with industry standards and well-rounded employee benefits packages as compensation.

Long John Silver’s Employment Options and Salary Information

Fast food job seekers should fill out an application to find consistent yet flexible work opportunities with the international corporation. Applicants 16 and over looking for entry-level work often receive immediate employment consideration. The company regularly imposes an 18-year old age minimum for positions like shift manager or restaurant manager. High school diplomas typically serve as requirements for upper-level applicants, as well. Long John Silver’s needs to fill the following job titles:


  • An entry-level position, cashier jobs involve taking food orders, handling money, operating cash registers, and assembling meals on trays or in to-go bags.
  • The seafood chain needs to hire outgoing and friendly individuals who excel at customer service to fill cashier positions.
  • Cashiers also see to the cleanliness of dining areas and front counters during slow hours and before closing.
  • Associates may receive added duties as assigned by managers.
  • Cashier pay generally starts at minimum wage.
  • Associates earn more after demonstrating consistency and strong work ethics.

Team Member

  • The position of team member requires a great deal of hard work and dedication.
  • Team members cook food in accordance with company recipes, clean and organize work stations, stock foodstuffs, and ensure quality satisfaction.
  • Associates must stay alert during shifts and follow Long John Silver’s safety guidelines, as cooking involves some, though minimal, risk of injury.
  • Team members should exude personable, reliable, and trustworthy qualities.
  • The entry-level position of team member pays minimum wage starting out.
  • Pay rates often increase to $8.00 per hour over time.


  • Long John Silver’s also offers management positions.
  • The seafood restaurant chain encourages aspiring professionals to submit hiring forms for managerial roles, such as team leader, assistant manager, and manager job titles.
  • Team leaders supervise entry-level workers and set schedules.
  • Assistant managers hire and train new employees, delegate work, and provide assistance to restaurant managers.
  • Managers oversee operations at restaurant locations and communicate with company corporate offices.
  • Team leaders generally make around $8.00 to $10.00 an hour.
  • Assistant managers earn roughly $20,000 to $25,000 a year.
  • Managers typically make salary options between $40,000 and $50,000 a year, depending on location and experience.

Tips For Applying

Franchising often varies the ways in which applicants declare candidacy for available jobs. Workers mostly search by location online to find nearby storefronts and then visit or call the restaurants to learn more about vacancies. Job hopefuls must possess sound communication skills, the ability to mesh well in teams, and reliable transportation to and from work. Prospective associates must also enjoy both warm and cold temperature extremes and maintain excellent personal hygiene while on the clock. Schedules accommodating nights, weekends, and holiday hours also benefit applicants.

Application Status

Historically high rates of employee turnover and fast-paced daily operations require managers to fill Long John Silver’s job openings quickly and with ready talent. In some cases, aspiring employees pass through the hiring process in less than a day. On average, most workers spend a few days going through interviews before receiving job offers. Candidates outside of managerial roles rarely encounter more than a week under formal review. Individuals may call, email, or visit restaurants to check on applications and ask about the next stages or requirements in the hiring process. Remain mindful of busy hours of operation when placing calls or making personal visits, such as lunch and dinner. Disrupting business may result in lowered review or dismissal from applicant pools.

Benefits of Working at Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s provides outstanding employment opportunities featuring competitive pay scales, paid training opportunities, and career growth potential. Workers also enjoy meal discounts on food and access to exceptional employee benefits packages. Every eligible employee receives insurance coverage options, financial planning benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans and pension plans, health and wellness benefits, and paid time off.

Find further details on Long John Silver’s benefits.

Learn More about Long John Silver’s

The fast food chain takes enormous leaps in providing healthier meal choices. The international quick service seafood chain offers almost a dozen meals containing no more than 600 calories. The company also takes pride in initiatives to catch free-range seafood around different parts of the globe to avoid depleting any specific species of wildlife. The chains uses the mantra “Think Fish” to remind potential customers about the carbon footprint eating red meat leaves on the planet and urges fast food eaters to visit Long John Silver’s to enjoy great seafood while protecting the environment.


  • Sandra Wellborn says:

    I worked at a Long John Silvers in Junction City, KS for one year. I started as a cashier and about a month in was promoted to assistant manager position. My experience was very good especially after I got into a nice groove. My GM and coworkers were easy to work with and we all had a good time while working hard. My position gave me a lot more responsibility and taught me how to work under pressure and be quick on my feet. I’m very grateful for the opportunity I received, it enabled me to grow and progress.

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