Longs Drugs Job Interview Questions & Tips

Interview Process is Simple

Applicants seeking employment with Longs Drugs often cite the interview process as simple and straightforward. After submitting appropriate paperwork, applicants generally hear back from hiring managers to schedule interviews within a few days. Some applicants may wait several weeks to hear back from a Longs hiring manager, depending on the volume of prospective employees.

Questions Posed in the Interview

Entry-level workers generally participate in brief 15 to 20-minute question-and-answer sessions with Longs Drugs hiring managers to discuss availability, employment histories, and relevant job skills. During entry-level job interviews, candidates respond to basic questions, like: "Can you name a time when you experienced excellent customer service?" or "Are you able to work nights and weekends in addition to day shifts?"

Keep Schedule Free for Work

Expressing open availability and emphasizing customer service abilities often increase chances of gaining Longs Drugs jobs.

What to Expect for Supervisor Positions

Pharmacy job hunters and managerial staff typically answer more in-depth interview questions gauging personality traits, education, certification, and motivations for work. Most managers and pharmacy applicants participate in more than one interview during the Longs Drugs hiring process, which sometimes involves panel interviews as opposed to traditional 1:1 formats. Hiring managers often use credentials submitted prior to the hiring process as the basis for interview questions posed during the actual sessions. Strong organizational skills and field-specific knowledge outweigh most other attributes of candidates in search of Longs Drugs pharmacy or managerial jobs.

Tailor Your Behavior

Provide well-thought and informative answers to questions, with a friendly, courteous, and customer-oriented attitude. Maintain proper posture along and eye contact to establish good body language.

Follow Up With Hiring Staff

The pharmacy retail chain generally contacts successful candidates within a week or two of the final interview. Some locations may explicitly advise applicants to await word from Longs Drugs before reaching out. However, if more than two weeks pass without an update, the worker may want to send a follow-up email to check on hiring status.


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    I live on the big island of Hawaii. I was wondering if anyone knew when hiring starts for the new Longs drugs store in Waimea, Hawaii.

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