Lord and Taylor Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Lord & Taylor

Due to many positions operating on commission, applicants for Lord & Taylor jobs must possess motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic personalities. Job seekers usually participate in a one-on-one interview process, which last around a half hour. Managers pose simple questions regarding preferred working conditions, potential responsibilities, and availability. Often cited as a smooth and easy procedure, the entire hiring process takes about a week or less to complete.

Some Experience is Preferred

Employment hopefuls with experience in the retail industry, excellent customer service and sales skills, and a personal love of fashion represent ideal candidates for any Lord & Taylor position. Specific interview questions used during hiring sessions generally gauge sales abilities. The retail chain looks for both soft and hard sales skills, although the company usually prefers workers who use subtle approaches and handle high-stress situations both accordingly and professionally.

Prepare for Interview Questions

Lord & Taylor hiring managers may inquire about personal preferences like: "What do you enjoy the most about working in a retail setting?" and "What hours would you be willing to commit to?" Additional interview questions may include:

  • What are your weaknesses and how would you improve on them?
  • What appeals to you about working for Lord & Taylor?
  • Do you have any personal interest in high fashion?

Wear Lord & Taylor Clothes

As a fashion retailer selling mid- to high-end clothing, applicants should dress appropriately for the occasion. Typical business dress may suffice for workers attending Lord & Taylor job interviews; however, applicants looking to go the extra mile should don specific retailer fashions. Wearing clothing sold by the department store chain may increase chances of impressing hiring managers and shows a definite interest in the brand.

Be Professional

Applicants should exemplify professionalism and demonstrate charisma and ability to communicate effectively. The Lord & Taylor interview process may end with a formal job offer during the final interview or via telephone or email a few days later.


  • leonela says:

    Should I bring anything to the Lord And Taylor interview?
    What education level (high school or college) is required for the job?
    What other questions do they ask? How should you answer certain questions?
    What should I wear, or how should I dress for an interview at Lord And Taylor?
    How much do they pay? Will they ask about salary expectations, if so what should I say?
    Does Lord And Taylor drug test?
    What about second interviews? When should you expect a call after the interview?

  • schima jepson says:

    Have a great happy attitude.

  • Melvar Nelson says:

    I would like to apply for a cosmetics associate position at the upcoming opening of the Lord&Taylor store in Boca Raton, Florida> When will that be available?

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