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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power serves the highly populated Southern California region. Standing as one of the largest utility companies in the United States due to location, LADWP acts as a major employer in the State of California and provides thousands of jobs for interested applicants.

Facts About Working at Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power

Minimum Age to Work at Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power?)

Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power: Customer Service Representative, Utility Accountant, Applications Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Architectural Associate, Management Assistant, Real Estate Associate, Workers Comp Analyst, Electrical Tester, Electric Mechanic, Electric Station Operator, Electrical Craft Helper, Load Dispatcher, Steam Plant Assistant, Chemist, Water Biologist, Water Microbiologist, Clerk, Clerk Stenographer, Meter Reader, Civil Engineering Associate

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Los Angeles Department of Power and Water Job Opportunities

A commercial and residential partner, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers several service lines to customers. Utilities available include water treatment, management, disbursement, and conservation. LADWP also oversees massive power grids used to power large metropolitan service areas. Workers regularly find jobs in either major department, as new position open in areas like solar energy harvesting, water quality control, and other progressive fields. Budding city populations also spur the job market for utility industry professionals. Dense populations call for increased supplies of energy and water. The prominent utility company offsets customer demands by creating new projects, which need staffed with regularity.

Work settings encountered often include highly technical or customer-centric environments. Technicians and engineers may split daily responsibilities between administrative work and tasks in the field. The City of Los Angeles maintains large plants purposed for quality control monitoring or distribution of resources, like water recycling centers or electricity substations, employing hundreds of workers across the metropolitan areas. Associates must adhere to strict codes of conduct while on the job in order to ensure both the quality of utilities provided and the overall safety of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employees.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Employment and Salary Information

The minimum hiring age for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power utility jobs limits opportunities to individuals 18 and older. Workers may choose from positions in traditional office settings or work in the field. High school educations prove necessary for most positions, while others place college degrees in related fields as minimum qualifications. Applicants looking for part-time or full-time employment should consult the following list of readily available jobs:

Commercial Field Representative

  • The position of commercial field representative combines aspects of data collection, customer service, and debt collection.
  • Workers carry out responsibilities door-to-door and directly serve customers.
  • Primary tasks include reading meters, explaining services or amendments to services, troubleshooting outages, and answering questions about company policies.
  • The City of Los Angeles requires at least two years of previous experience and tenure with the company prior to filling the position.
  • LADWP pays commercial field representatives generously, with starting salary options sitting at $48,000 a year.
  • Raises may lead to annual salary in excess of $70,000.


  • An administrative position, the role of clerk breaks down into several categories of employment.
  • Jobs available include secretary, accounting clerk, senior clerk, senior clerk stenographer, and senior clerk typist.
  • Primary functions of individuals in the roles include taking memorandums, scheduling appointments, logging data, reconciling documents, filing papers, and transcribing spoken words.
  • Applicants must possess at least two years of related experience and the ability to type a minimum of 32wpm.
  • Entry-level clerks may make anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 per year.

Tips For Applying

Review the lists of positions available with LADWP before beginning the application to make sure personal and professional credentials check out with requirements of jobs desired. Applicants should hold experience, preferably in city or state work, prior to employment. The City of Los Angeles primarily hires individuals with histories of civil positions, including department jobs within the water and power divisions of the major utility company. Workers access job titles through the company careers page online.

Application Status

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power contacts individuals who qualify for positions instead of applicants following up regarding available jobs. If selected to continue on with the hiring process, applicants receive letters in the mail outlining dates and times for further examination. The company usually responds to workers within a reasonable amount of time to interview. Applicants often wait up to three weeks to hear back initially, the process generally taking around a month to complete in whole.

Benefits of Working at LADWP

Job benefits available to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employees include comprehensive health insurance coverage, financial planning, and personal time off. The utility company offers tuition reimbursement and ongoing training programs to ensure workers stay current and updated on industry trends. Employees also become eligible for:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Medical and dental insurance options
  • Tax-deferred pension plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Access to company-sponsored fitness centers, and
  • Ride-share incentives.

Flexible scheduling and competitive pay scales remain essential to each position, as well.

More Information on Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

In efforts to create more sustainable energy practices, LADWP explores alternative means of generating energy. As of 2014, effective ways to harness energy for mass consumption utilized by the utility company include solar, wind, and hydroelectric production. The state also explores energy derived from biofuel sources. Southern California experiences just shy of 300 days of clear, sunny skies annually, which facilitates creates the potential for sizable amounts of accessible energy. Winds coming off of the Pacific Ocean often serve as ideal sources for wind power generation, while tributaries and the Pacific Ocean both contribute to hydroelectric operations.


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