Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Job Interview Questions & Tips

Typical Route to Hire

To obtain employment with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, applicants typically undergo multistage interview processes. The first step, phone interviews usually occur several days after hiring requests reach recruiters. Then, hiring staff invite promising candidates to attend face-to-face interviews, which typically remain 1:1 or panel formats at the head office. Depending on the volume of applicants vying for a single position, the utilities company may administer group interviews, as well. Additional formalities may include illegal substance screening and criminal background checks.

Example Questions Asked and How to Answer

Interview questions vary by job title, and applicants respond to a mix of situational and technical questions. Job Hopefuls often field general questions like, "Why do you want to work here?" and "How did you hear about this position?" during the interview. Additional inquiries usually remain specific to desired job title. Highlight skills sets by referring to previous employment and experience in the utilities industry. Pause briefly before responding, if necessary. Some candidates may need to complete skills assessments to gauge technical know-how and familiarity with operations.

Prior Experience is a Plus

Workers with strong technical abilities and previous experience in the utilities industry generally perform well during Los Angeles Department of Water and Power job interviews.

Arrive Early and Dressed Suitably

To gain the advantage during the hiring process, applicants should attend interviews on time and wearing business-professional attire.

Call Within a Couple Days After Interview

Follow up with a hiring representative after the final interview to demonstrate genuine interest in the job.

Notice of Hire

Applicants may wait several weeks before receiving a hiring decision from recruitment staff.

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