Los Angeles Zoo Job Interview Questions & Tips

Interviews Vary by Position

The Los Angeles Zoo operates as a massive theme park with a vast array of jobs available. The park requires workers capable of animal care, administration, concessions, grounds maintenance, construction, admissions, education, and public relations. The city of Los Angeles or the partnership of Service America and Service Systems remain responsible for worker employment. Interview processes vary greatly by employer as well as specific job title.

Obtaining an Interview

Most full-time staff members work for the city of Los Angeles. Applicants applying for full-time jobs with the city must pass Civil Service examinations prior to interviewing. Upon passing examinations, applicants make the list of eligibility for participation in the interview process. Ranking on the eligibility list is determined by overall score on the Civil Service examination. Once invited to participate in the Los Angeles Zoo interview process, applicants may face one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, and phone interviews.

Types of Interviews

Entry-level zoo jobs, typically in merchandise, food service, or trams, feature simple, straightforward interview processes. Interviews often rely on 1:1 or group formats, depending on the position and number of applicants.

Group Sessions

Group interviews may consist of up to a dozen applicants and last one to two hours. During group interviews, candidates answer questions about skills and qualifications, and participate in role-playing activities. Group activities often involve mock selling product to guest or resolving complaints. Once Los Angeles Zoo interviews conclude, applicant may receive on-the-spot job offers.

Leave a Good Impression

Performing well during the Los Angeles Zoo job interview process means wearing appropriate attire, arriving early to the interview, and maintaining a confident and professional attitude throughout the hiring process.

Detail Prior Work Experiences

If possible, applicants should highlight any previous experience working for zoos or amusement parks. Throughout each interview, candidates need to exhibit passion for education and conservation. Los Angeles Zoo prefers to hire workers with flexible work schedules.

Follow Up With Management

To further improve odds of landing job offers, candidates should follow up with Los Angeles Zoo a few days after interviewing.

Background Checks and Drug Screenings

For most jobs, applicants need to complete drug screening and background checks in to receive hiring consideration.

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