Love’s Interview Questions & Tips

Phone and 1:1 Interviews

With a noticeable presence nationwide, Love's Country Stores and Travel Centers seeks to hire customer service employees. Job seekers should expect phone interviews before proceeding to meeting with hiring representatives in-person for 1-to-1 interviews. The gas station and convenience store chain frequently imposes multiple rounds of interviews to screen prospective employees, although basic customer service positions usually only necessitate a single interview for employment consideration beyond preliminary screenings via telephone.

Common Questions Asked in the Interview

Common inquiries usually asked involve availability, previous work experience, and whether candidates possess reliable transportation. Possible interview questions include, "Do you think you can multitask and still achieve consistent success?" or "What is the most difficult customer service situation you've faced?"

Managerial Candidates

Love's management positions may require multiple face-to-face interview sessions, with the formal interview process lasting up to three weeks, in most cases. Customary interview questions may include, "Would you be willing to relocate for this position?" and "Can you tell us a bit about your style of managing others?" By and large, the gas station chain employs individuals who promote sales growth, ensure the skill-level of future and existing teams, exhibit excellent customer service skills, and demonstrate high senses of resolve under pressure. When the hiring process comes to a close, job seekers may submit to drug screenings and background checks.

How to Stand Out

Candidates demonstrating ability to uphold exceptional customer care and self-starting attitudes receive hiring consideration over competition. Answer any and all interview questions honestly while relaying prior experiences.

Wear Nice Clothes

Dress accordingly in attire such as business-casual clothing, and show genuine enthusiasm for the position desired.

When to Expect Hiring Notifications

While some job hopefuls receive employment offers at the conclusion of the interview process, other candidates may need to await contact by hiring personnel via email or phone or follow up on job status.

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