Lowe’s Manager

Lowe’s Manager Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a Lowe’s Manager Do?

Lowe’s managers take responsibility for employees and the overall operation of store locations. Many Lowe’s hardware stores assign managers to certain departments. Major management duties include screening, interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.

What Other Responsibilities Do Managers Have?

Managers must also oversee and coordinate existing entry-level employees. Additional job duties include providing exceptional assistance and service to Lowe’s customers. Successful managers exude strong leadership, organizational, and motivational skills at all times.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

The starting salary for Lowe’s managers may fall anywhere between $40k and $60k a year, depending on location, job title, and work experience. Lowe’s also offers a rather astonishing amount of job benefits for full-time managers.

Additional Job Benefits Offered by Lowe’s

Basic employee benefits include store discounts, medical coverage, including health, vision, and dental plans, and 401(k) retirement programs. Other work benefits offered by Lowe’s include auto and home insurance, company stock options, and pre-paid legal services.


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2 user comments:

  1. Daniel Jackson

    I can tell you I have been working for Lowe’s as an Assistant Store Manager for 11 years, and the pay listed above is low. Even coming in now, you would make more than what is listed. Lowe’s is a great company to work for with a very competitive salary package.

  2. Faith Noel

    I worked for Lowe’s for 14 years and I will be honest and tell you that at first it is a great company but they will eventually over work you and stress you out. They have little regard for your well being or work/life balance. They pay is extremely low compared to other companies. The level of respect for there employees is very low and so is store moral. I was blinded while I was working for the company but once I left and saw all the opportunities out there for someone with the same skill set I realized the pay was on the low end and they really don’t value their employees like many other companies do.


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