Lufthansa Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Lufthansa Airlines

Getting a Foot in the Door

Job hopefuls must highlight language and customer service skills when filling out a Lufthansa Airlines application. This helps grab the attention of hiring managers no matter the desired position.

When Will the Interview Process Start?

Once a form is submitted, candidates can expect to hear back within one to two weeks for entry-level employment. Those applying for flight attendant openings, or other positions that require specialization, shouldn't be discouraged if it takes longer to receive a response from the company.

Different Types of Lufthansa Airlines Interviews

It Depends on the Job

Applicants prepare differently depending on the role for which they applied. Entry-level work, like a customer service rep, typically starts with a phone conversation. Candidates who seem like they'd make a good fit then progress to one-on-one interviews at Lufthansa.

Extra Steps

Flight attendants, pilots, and other inflight jobs go through additional stages during the hiring process. These may include written tests and extensive training courses.

Ways to Prepare for Lufthansa Interviews

For a Phone Interview

The casual nature of phone interviews gives applicants the freedom to show off their personality. They should go into the discussion feeling relaxed and confident. To achieve this, review the company's website to find out what they look for in workers. Then, go over answers to common interview questions.

For an In-Person Interview

In a one-on-one Lufthansa interview, appearance is just as important as the content of the talk. All candidates should dress nicely and have a printed resume to offer interviewers. Again, it's also great to practice how to respond, but do so with a partner to ensure you don't look nervous.

What to Wear to Lufthansa Job Interviews

How to Dress

All applicants, male and female, must wear professional clothing for their interviews at Lufthansa Airlines. This means suits for men and tailored dresses or blouses with jackets for women. Be sure to appear clean and polished to impress the hiring staff.

Common Lufthansa Airlines Interview Questions

What Could Employers Ask?

Finally, review this list of typical interview questions. While preparing answers for all of them would be time consuming, job seekers should at least have an idea of how they'd respond to the following:

Remember, all answers in the Lufthansa interview process must center on past work experience and include concrete examples.


  • sangeetha says:

    Hello,I am sangeetha.I was working as a cabin crew with jet airways for 1 year 6 months.I would like to work in lufthansa as a cabin crew.can u let me know how to apply and the requirements of the same.

  • Namreeta says:


    I currenlty work for KFA and have for a year and a half. I want to join Lufthansa airlines as cabin crew. Let me know the procedure for applying for the job.

  • bolanle says:

    i would like to work with lufthansa airline as cabin crew member! what can i do to qualify? thank you

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