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Lufthansa Hiring Trends

German airline company Lufthansa reaches destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. The Lufthansa network already consists of more than 116,000 employees with such jobs as baggage handler, customer service representative, ticket agent, airline mechanic, flight attendant, and pilot roles. The company routinely hires new workers for vacancies at Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich airports as well as global locations. To gain a meaningful and rewarding career with the airline, job seekers must successfully pass a company job interview.

Interviews Vary Slightly

Interviews for many vacancies, such as baggage handler and ticket agent jobs, consist of one-on-one question and answer sessions. Jobs requiring certification or specialized training, like flight attendant and pilot positions, usually feature panel interviews and assessments in addition to one-on-one meetings.

Display an Outgoing Personality

The Lufthansa job interview features more than just questions. Company officials use interviews as a way of gauging individual personality, integrity, and dedication. Excellent qualifications lack significance if an interviewee cannot communicate effectively and seems ill-prepared for the interview.

Preparation is Important

Simply researching the company may prepare workers going into the Lufthansa job interview. Additionally, reviewing a resume and credentials that an applicant already has access to will improve confidence. Attack each question with complete sentences and maintain good body language (sitting up straight, maintain eye contact, etc.).

Keep in Touch with Hiring Staff

Applicants who move forward with the hiring process must maintain communication with Lufthansa Airlines through email or phone conversations.

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  1. sangeetha

    Hello,I am sangeetha.I was working as a cabin crew with jet airways for 1 year 6 months.I would like to work in lufthansa as a cabin crew.can u let me know how to apply and the requirements of the same.

  2. Namreeta


    I currenlty work for KFA and have for a year and a half. I want to join Lufthansa airlines as cabin crew. Let me know the procedure for applying for the job.

  3. bolanle

    i would like to work with lufthansa airline as cabin crew member! what can i do to qualify? thank you


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