Lululemon Athletica Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon Athletica uses a unique interview process to find smart, energetic, and dedicated workers. Most job seekers receive phone calls to set up job interviews once hiring managers review applicant information and determine employment eligibility. Applicants participate in one or more interviews, depending on job titles desired. The fun, free-spirited retailer keeps the interview process relaxed.

What to Expect in a Group Interview

Sales associates, formally known as retail educators, usually participate in group interviews. Managers question groups and allow each candidate the chance to provide a response. Interviewers usually begin group interviews by asking applicants to briefly state names and provide personal descriptions of characteristics and personalities.

Questions for Candidates

Candidates then field a number of fun, personality-based questions, which may include:

  • What is your theme song?
  • What is your best quality?
  • What is your favorite way to sweat?
Lululemon Athletics looks for self-motivated candidates. As a result, managers may ask candidates about future personal, fitness, and career goals, as well.

Unique Interview Details

Informing guests about merchandise remains essential to a retail educator job. In the group interview, each group member must pick a piece of clothing and educate the group as if customers were present.

Second Interview and Possible Yoga Session

In some cases, Lululemon Athletica conducts a second interview for retail educators. The creative company may ask an applicant to participate in a yoga class as the second interview. Applicants usually participate with other candidates and current employees. The applicants remain judged on the ability to feel comfortable in new situations and enjoy themselves. Following the yoga session, an assistant manager or manager may ask some questions about goal setting and team work.

Give Original Answers to Personality Questions

Lululemon Athletica group interviews may feature up to a dozen or more candidates. Applicants need to differentiate themselves from the group in order receive hiring consideration. To stand out from other candidates, job seekers should provide interesting, original answers for all personality-based questions.

Be Goal-oriented

Additionally, job seekers should exude enthusiastic and bubbly personalities throughout the Lululemon Athletica hiring process. As the company focuses on goals, candidates should think about personal accomplishments and future goals.

How to Follow Up with Management

Job hopefuls need to follow up with hiring managers several days after completing interviews to further demonstrate genuine desire to work for Lululemon Athletica.


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    Does lululemon drug test its applicants?

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