LUSH Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Lush

A cosmetics company headquartered in the United Kingdom, LUSH regularly screens for helpful and well-informed applicants to fill entry-level retail positions. Job seekers looking for work with the international cosmetics company submit employment requests through the company online careers portal or in person.

Arrive On Time and Well Dressed

LUSH interviewees should attend interviews on time, wearing fashionable yet interview-appropriate attire. Store managers sometimes evaluate up to 15 candidates at a time during initial interviews, and applicants who make the effort to dress up stand out above applicants wearing more casual garb.

Group Hiring Parties

Hiring personnel typically contact eligible applicants within a few days of receiving employment requests or when staffing needs arise. Applicants vying for entry-level positions like sales ambassador often participate in the group interview process, referred to as hiring parties, conducted by LUSH store managers. Hiring parties prove competitive, with job hopefuls demonstrating sales and customer service abilities as well as brand knowledge during the interviews. Successful applicants participate in follow up interviews one-on-one with store managers.

What Happens in a Group Interview

Hiring managers often ask interviewees to explain a few interesting qualities about themselves to commence hiring parties. During another popular interview exercise, applicants present products to the store manager as if he/she were a potential customer. Interviewees who already use LUSH cosmetics on a regular basis typically perform well during product demonstrations. Group interviews often end with store managers meeting with each candidate individually for five to ten minutes. LUSH store managers typically contact outstanding candidates to schedule second interviews within three to four days of concluding group interviews.

Be Knowledgeable and Personable

Applicants should prepare for the interview by brushing up on product knowledge and cosmetic application skills. Job candidates should exude outgoing and optimistic demeanors during the LUSH interview process. Show confidence and competency with LUSH products, as well.

Follow-up Interviews

During follow-up interviews, LUSH recruitment personnel often observe potential associates selling or demonstrating items to actual customers. Store managers may ask questions like, "Do you have any specific career aspirations?" or "What are three things you would like to accomplish in the next three years?" to assess candidate drive and motivation.

Job Offers Often Follow the Second Interview

Second interviews often end with job offers, availability discussions, and wage negotiations. If LUSH store managers do not indicate an employment decision at the end of the final interview, inquire about the preferred method of follow-up and check on the hiring status at an appropriate time.


  • Esther says:

    I think I might be one of the youngest people at the hiring party for Lush.I don’t have much experience in sales. What can I do to sell myself so that I have a high chance of being hired?

    • A says:

      Take your own time to learn about the products and use the resources given to you! I was so raw and fresh like you but it made me stand out! Take this new information and try to create a picture with what you learn.

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