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Company Information

Prominent consumer goods company MAC Cosmetics manufactures and sells makeup and beauty products through thousands of outlets and distributors worldwide. Based out of New York City, the company represents an expanding cosmetics company looking to bring on new talent with regularity. In order to join the retailer, applicants must complete online hiring forms for employment determination. Workers may also gain access to jobs through employee referrals and in-person requisitions. Most entry-level retail and freelance makeup artists complete the MAC hiring process within two weeks' time.

The MAC Interview

Traditionally found in department stores, MAC locations often conduct hiring over the sales counter. The interview process begins with short, 1:1 interviews with a manager and ends with a final second meeting. Initial interviews last roughly five to ten minutes and delve into work history and experience in the field. Workers also generally perform product demonstrations as part of skills tests.

Product Demonstration and Questions

The product demonstration usually takes place during the second interview, in which prospective employees apply makeup to a model under the direction of hiring personnel. During the MAC demonstration, applicants must visually respond to questions like, "How would you make this person look ready for a night on the town?" and "Can you create more contrast on the jawline?" Applicants must meet expectations of MAC interview hiring staff in order to receive employment consideration. The demonstration process used in review of potential employees usually takes 20 minutes or so to complete.

Managerial Candidates

Managerial candidates go through several more rounds of job interviews, including multiple phone interviews in addition to one-on-one interviews and product demonstrations. A MAC managerial candidate may spend as long as two months vying for an official position. MAC interview questions used to screen management hopefuls range from basic, "Why do you want to work for MAC Cosmetics?" and "What initially drew you to work in the industry?" to "If you noticed someone's performance lagging, how would you motivate the individual?" and "Have you ever had to exercise conflict resolution tactics? If so, when, why, and what was the eventual outcome?"

Keep Up Personal Appearance

Fashionable dress complete with well-manicured looks and makeup tailored to fashions promoted by the brand put candidates well ahead of other applicants during the MAC Cosmetics hiring process. Attending interviews well-dressed in professional dresses or stylish clothing closely aligns with company values regarding fashion and appearances and may improve odds of hiring.

Listen and Show Outgoing Personality

Listen intently during the product demonstrations to ensure hearing directions clearly and to avoid making mistakes by applying the wrong makeup. Bubbly individuals who possess wide knowledge of makeup and makeup application fair best for MAC Cosmetics jobs.

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