Macy’s Interview

Interview Questions

Question: Why Do You Want to Work for Macy’s?

How to Answer

Here is a very general response to the question.  Use it only as an example, and be sure to customize your response.

“Macy’s has an incredible reputation for customer service in fashion retail and clothing.  Personally, Im really into fashion and want to work for a brand that is so well respected by shoppers.

Secondly Im attracted to the work environment.  Im looking for a job where I can help people find the right style for them, and work within a team setting.  I like working with people.

Finally, Im a fast learner and I think that I can learn a lot here.  I think it would be great to learn how a large department store operates.  Im not only fascinated by the logistics of it, but I want to learn how Macy’s employees provide such good customer service.  I think that this experience will serve me well in any career down the road. ”

Other Questions to Prepare For

The longstanding history and reputation of the department store chain should be reflected through answers to interview questions at all times.

In addition to providing clear and well-thought responses, overall demeanor plays an important role in gaining employment. Applicants in the hunt for Macy’s jobs should take care to prepare for all interviews during the hiring process.

Macy’s hiring managers may ask applicants to “name a time when you had to resolve a conflict,” or to talk about your leadership style.

Waiting for a turn to speak, allowing an honest and fair exchange of ideas, and limiting responses to matters of business and appropriate topics serve candidates best.

Hiring Process

Macy’s operates around 850 stores and uses the hiring process to fill vacant entry-level positions and professional careers. Most applicants report spending between one and three weeks in the hiring process.

After making initial contact with hiring personnel to schedule job interviews, workers spend the next several days participating in face-to-face sessions to determine eligibility for employment.

An interview may last as long as 40 minutes or as brief as 15 minutes. The specific position desired and relationships established with hiring personnel during the actual sessions often determine the length of each interview.

One on One Sessions

The Macy’s hiring process features specific interview formats for job titles available.

Seasonal workers often only encounter one, in-person job interview.

Applicants looking for part-time and full-time year-round positions interview through one-to-one sessions.

The average entry-level employee participates in a single job interview, as well.

Managers typically participate in two or more interviews. Other career opportunities with the department store may feature three or four interviews, depending on specific qualifications.

Screening Process

Often personal and candid, job interviews include department introductions and question and answer sessions tailored to the specific needs of the position.

Many Macy’s employment opportunities use technology. Applicants should possess some familiarity with modern electronics in order to gain hiring consideration.

Other characteristics hiring managers regularly screen for include accountability, sales experience, self-motivation, open availability, cheerful attitude, and team-player work ethics.

What to Wear / How to Dress

Well-groomed and appropriately dressed candidates leave lasting impressions on hiring personnel and may receive additional employment consideration over other candidates.

The average workers should wear professional clothing and act in a manner that is presentable and respectable. Black, business casual is safe bet.

When Do You Hear Back?

Workers typically receive employment on the spot at interviews. Upon finishing up the final interview questions, managers may make hiring decisions or opt to pass on the candidate. If passed over, most applicants receive a phone call to reveal the determination a few days later, although some candidates receive offers of employment a few days later by phone, as well.

In either case, express gratitude for the opportunity prior to leaving the final session. Contacting Macy’s in follow up may also benefit prospective associates.

Insider Tips

Watch the videos below with a former employee for useful information.

Interview Tips from a Macy’s Hiring Manager Video

Interviewer: What qualities do you look for in an applicant?

Macy’s Hiring Manager: Honesty. A lot of people are not honest when they interview. They say that they’ve done things, then you ask them about, and they stumble and they fumble because they haven’t really done those things.

So, I think that an honest person, even if you don’t come with a lot of experience, you have to get experience sometime, so maybe the interviewer is willing to train you and invest time in you. So be honest, and also someone that is on time for their interview. If you’re late, or just didn’t call, didn’t show up, then showed up a day late, or after a week – not good.


Interviewer: What kind of answers do you look for in an interview?

Macy’s Hiring Manager: I look for answers that match the application. If you’ve already said something on the application, that’s pretty much what I’m referring to. So I want to make sure that we hit all of those points.


Interviewer: How can an interviewee tell if the interview went well?

Macy’s Hiring Manager: I think eye contact, a good handshake at the end, a “Call me” or “I’ll call you.”

A second interview is always good. If they tell you to come back, that’s not a bad thing. If they want you to meet their boss or somebody else, it went well.

And, you can kind of tell. If you were nervous or you were fumbling, or you were any of those things, you weren’t honest, or you were late, it probably didn’t go well.


Interviewer: What should an applicant do to prepare for the interview?

Macy’s Hiring Manager: Definitely have all of your paperwork in order. Know which jobs you worked at, what their addresses are, who a contact person is that you worked for, “John Smith” at blahblahblah company.

Let “John Smith” know you used him as a reference. Know what dates you worked there and also know what you want to do at the new company because there’s a lot of different positions, and if you don’t know what you want to do, then that’s going to be tough.


Interviewer: What should an applicant do after leaving the interview?

Macy’s Hiring Manager: I always – corny – sent a thank you card, always for every single job interview that I ever had. When I got hired, they always said, “You know what, people used to do that, but they don’t do that anymore.” So, maybe a thank you card, thank you email.


Interviewer: Describe the advancement opportunities for someone just starting out.

Macy’s Hiring Manager: You can move up; you can start as a sales associate or you can start as an inventory clerk, and you can move up to be anything, anything that you want to be.

I mean it’s wide open at Macy’s. Put in the time and show that you are a dedicated employee, show up for work, be there on time, and be willing to learn new things, and you can definitely move up.


  • nika says:

    many people interviewed for macy’s….They ask the basic questions as most interviews. They may have a particular “look” for their employees in which they are interested. Most people do not get hired after their interview. I hope you are spanish speakers because if you are not, forget about it. At least they are nice enough to inform you in a timely manner that you were not hired, this way you do not have to wait for a response for long periods of time.

  • OLESEA says:

    YOU do not need to know spanish, as someone said. I don’t know even english perefct and they hired me. Just be prepared for the interview. Never answer with short answers. Give examples. Trust yourself and everything will allright. They asked me a lot of questions like: describe yourself, discribe a perfect customer experience, how can you handle a conflict, why did you chose macys, are you a team player, why it’s important to work in a team….Good luck. Macys is a very good company. why? 90% of people who apply for macys get called for an interview(), they are very honest, tells you right away about decision they made of hiring you or not, they hire a lot of workers, they can acomodate your schedule. Good luck and God bless!

  • Leon says:

    i have a interveiw tomorrow at queens center mall macys i just need to know what are some of the questions that they will ask because i am kinda of nervous.

  • Sonya says:

    Olesea: Thanks, your response helped the most.

  • keke says:

    Olsea, i love your response it was very positive, that guy startled me for a bit saying we have to know spanish.

  • Rope says:

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impersnisg me! 🙂

  • Samantha Carlson says:

    Dress in black since they require it. Pretend you’re ging to a funeral every day. You don’t have to know anything about merchandise. Can’t tell the diff between an emerald or a ruby? They’ll still hire you in jewelry. Can’t tell how many quarters are in a roll. Who cares? Just open all the rolls so they can be counted one by one. You should be able to paste on a false smile and accost everyone you see to open a credit card. That’s all they care about

  • marv says:

    Weat a tie, that’s what they what, dress in all black if u have, they ask simple question like what would u do if u see a member stealing?, why u wanna work for macys?, just don’t say uhh or umm, be confident

  • charlieden says:

    im so scared right now.i have an interview on tuesday at macys and i really need this job and i really want this job so please help me .need to know about what they going to ask and what their looking for. i also need some sample of question and answer and maybe i can take note on that please thank you so much!

  • Tasha says:

    Hey! I am looking forward to work with Macys in the month of dec 2011, I am wondering if it is better to apply online or inperson with macys?

  • Valerie says:

    How am I supposed to dress up for an interview?

  • 7170 says:

    ive been intived to an interview..yeepee!

  • Tatianna says:

    Hi, I was called for a counter manager position, went to 3 interviews everything went good, but after the last interview they never called or say anything. It has been a week since the last interview, well I guess I have to keep looking.

  • Joanne says:

    The only way to apply is online. You can do it from home or in their stores. Even if you apply in the store you will not speak with anyone right away. You have get an invitation to schedule an interview if you want to work during the holidays u need to apply early and he available in nov and dec. If u cannot start until dec u r unlikely to get a job.

  • B says:

    You have to apply online through the website

  • siddiqui says:

    i have an interview call from macy’s… 20 september 2011… i am nervous… it’s my first interview….

  • Trese says:

    Hey I have an interview for the Holiday stock processing position coming up on Tuesday. Does any have any information on some interview questions they’ll ask for this position?

  • Staci says:

    i have an interview on Tues. I am available all hours, weekends and holidays. I really hope I don’t flub up the interview. I would really love the opportunity to get a job and make a career at Macy’s 🙂
    Just a question… is this interview an initial interview where if passed I will move on to another one? Or is this one the real thing?

  • Keiry07 says:

    I have an interview on Wednesday I’m 18 and this will be my first job/interview I’m really nervous and I have no idea what to wear. Any suggestions??

  • Wendy says:

    I have an interview tomorrow evening, I looking to get a part time/seasonal position it has been years since I’ve had an interview. Can some one tell me what kind of questions to expect and how long does it take before they tell you got the job? Thank you in advance for your responses. Wish me luck :). I sure hope I get it.

  • Ms. C says:

    I would wear something that has muted colors like black or dark brown or grey and that fits properly. A dress jacket is always reliable. Don’t expose a lot of skin, avoid jeans/ sneakers/ t-shirt that says “I’m with stupid” and anything with holes or stains. Remember, you are dressing for an interview not how you would dress when you work there necessarily. You should be clean, (including clean teeth and good breath). Ladies, fingernails should be neat with no old peeling paint. Gents, a tie here won’t hurt. Comb your hair and keep jewelry simple and elegant. A little smell goods is lovely, don’t overdo! Make sure that you feel good in what you wear too, you want to exude confidence and that is hard to do when you are uncomfortable. You are going for a great first impression here and maybe competing with another for the same job so pay attention to these details, they will be noticed.

  • akigeo says:

    i interviewed with macys two months ago..was told that they were impressed with my answers..the position was for a beauty advisor i have some experience so i figure i had a shot..i was wrong they said to me..saturday evening i will be calling you if u got da job or not so be ready for my call…i never got called i just got an email a week later saying thanx but no thanx! i applied again for da same job at the same macys and i inteview tomorrow ..idk what to say to them to convince them i am qualifid!!

  • Emeline says:

    I have a interview with macys as a Retail Sales Associate. What should I wear and what kind of questions will be asked. I want to be prepared. Fill me with as much info as possible please and thank you.

  • MsB says:

    I had an interview and the questions they asked me:
    Why do you want to work at Macy’s?
    What type of position are you looking for, i.e. part-time full-time temp?
    What is your availability?
    Give an example of when you received good customer service.
    Tell about a team experience you’ve had, the goals, your role and results.
    Have you ever seen a co-worker do something against the rules, what did you do?

    Wear all black as that is the dress code. Remember to smile, be friendly and confident!

  • maggieg says:

    I interviewed yesterday for a seasonal sales associate position and was hired immediately. I wore the Macy’s uniform, all black, and it really impressed them, I was complimented 4 times for wearing the perfect outfit. They want examples of how you would handle shoplifting situations, how you have been a member of a team experience, why Macy’s, when you have given great customer service, when you have received great customer service. Very positive experience for me, everyone was very nice and friendly.

  • Ninja Kitty says:

    I have an interview on Tuesday for 34st Macy’s. I’ve never had a job interview before and I’m nervous but excited. its so thrilling

  • Tony says:

    do they drug test?

  • Betty says:

    I’m looking forward to my first interview and I can see what to wear and the questions to be expected. What questions should I ask for them? I know few things about Macy’s and doing more research about the company. What questions will take interests for the interviewer might be interested to hear from me?

  • Lorena says:

    i had a interview and i got the job ;] it was nt that bad. I was hired in the huge macy’s in the city in manhattan ( new york city) and there were alot of people applying too so i had to shine brighter then everyone else. the staff were all nice and the lady that interviewed me was very sweet too. she asked me about why i wanted to work at macy’s, my experience, handling customers and just easy questions. it was easy going, then she assigned me to the department she thought i will work well in which was juniors and then asked me to wait in the front for my schdule ! i was so happy and it was easy. dont stress it too much people!

  • Vivi says:

    Would a black skirt be ok for the interview?

  • Jared says:

    I had an interview for the holiday retail sales associate job. This was my first interview and i was very nervous about it. But after googling, i felt a bit better and more confident. When you go to the interview, dress nicely. By nicely, i mean, collared dark shirt, tie(if you prefer), black pants (not jeans), dress shoes and a smile. Don’t overdo it though.
    During the interview, they asked questions like, “Tell me about yourself while i browse through your file. Why do you want to work at Macy’s? Have you worked in a retail environment or did any sales? What would you do if you saw your coworker breaking the rules? Describe and event where you worked in a team and tell me what was your role? Can you handle a changing work environment, like you’re assigned to a different department each time. and how would you deal with it? …”
    There were about 7 questions and they were a breeze. The interviewer wasn’t speaking clearly at some points so i asked her to repeat the question. lol
    At the end of the interview, she looked at my availability. I wasn’t hired though because, apparently, as a holiday retail sales associate, you should have all your days open because they don’t manually make the schedule and it’s unpredictable. She kept my application though and told me that if something opens up according to my schedule, i would be contacted.

  • stacey says:

    To vivi

    A black skirt would be good as well as black pants and a blue shirt would express power and make sure you wear stockings with your black skirt.

  • juli says:

    I was hired at the interview with no retail experience–here are some hints…
    1. arrive early
    2. dress appropriately. I wore dark gray slacks, black shoes/socks, a dark green sweater and tasteful earrings. I didn’t wear black, so I don’t think that is a requirement–I’d wear the colors that make you look good. The black comes after you are hired.
    3 POLISH your shoes!
    4 Make sure your hair is combed, nails are neat and clean, with no old polish, don’t overdo makeup, perfume, or jewelry
    5 Sit up straight while you are waiting, put your hands in your lap and don’t fidget. People are watching. They want perky people, so look it.
    6. Greet anyone who walks through while you are waiting.
    7. Make sure your cell phone is off.
    8. Greet your interviewer, sit up straight and answer the best you can, use examples if you have any. Be prepared for the basic questions posted on this site. Be honest about your retail experience. Be yourself, and try to sell yourself, after all, your job will likely be selling….
    9. Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer questions or to clarify what they are saying.

    Interview was quick–less than 15 minutes.
    Good Luck.

  • iseepink says:

    I didn’t wear all black and still got hired. You don’t have to wear all black. In fact I was the only one in “uniform” for the first two orientations and felt like a fool. Everyone else was wearing whatever.

    They ask you the questions MsB, October 2011 stated in her post:

    Why do you want to work at Macy’s?
    What type of position are you looking for, i.e. part-time full-time temp?
    What is your availability?
    Give an example of when you received good customer service.
    Tell about a team experience you’ve had, the goals, your role and results.
    Have you ever seen a co-worker do something against the rules, what did you do?

    Also weird questions like how would you like to receive an award, tangibly or intangibly? How would you feel if you did a good job and were congratulated in front of a crowd? My interview was 30-45 minutes (the questions were long and she had to write down my answers) and I was hired on the spot.

    You don’t have to know Spanish. In fact they didn’t even ask me if I knew Spanish (I don’t) and I live in a huge Mexican tourist city.

    Just be aware that a large part of the job is unrealistic sales goal (like selling $1200 during a 3 hour shirt on a Wednesday night) and credit cards.They even do a scorecard every week. They don’t tell you that at the interview. In fact they’re obsessed with credit cards. I think you have to open 4 a week? I wasn’t comfortable with asking people to open a credit card during a recession (when banks aren’t even lending people money much less opening lines of credit for them) so I didn’t do good at the job. Oh and they don’t have to qualify for the credit card for you to get it, you just have to get them to apply for it.

  • Miranda McNicoll says:

    I’ve gotten an interview last week but I don’t know whether Macy hired me or not since I’ve been told to wait for an email for 40hours, but, there was no email for me. Last time when my friend got refused they sent her an email. Has it ever happen to you before?

  • rich2359 says:

    its not what you know or who you know its how you know

  • Melanie says:

    hi I was just wondering do you need work experience to work at Macy’s. I never had a job before. Just as a full time college student..! Yikes

  • Mimi says:

    I have a interview tommorow at 11:30. Ive had 3 jobs and I’ve never been this nervous before. I look at blogs everyday to see how it’s like to work at Macy and what to expect at an interview! I love Macy’s environment and would be overly excited it they hired me! I pray i will get hired and not told I will receive an email! I need a job and desperately need some support financially! Any suggestions for me?

  • maria says:

    hi i just had an interview today for cosmetic and fragrance. I showed up a little earlier than my appointment time. dressed in a light peach shirt and black pants little make up and jewelery . However the person who is supposed to interview me was running late, and i ended up waiting for him, but in the mean time another manager from a different section interviewed me. He was nice kind and friendly. He was asking me a lot of the basic question about my experience and customer service. I answered the best i could but was a little nervous. in the end he said they will call me in a week or who knows maybe i’ll even get a phone call today he smiled and shakes my hand. so is this a good or a bad thing?

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