Maggiano’s Little Italy Interview Questions & Tips

Background on the Interview Process

Maggiano's Little Italy is a high-quality Italian restaurant chain that hires the most talented team members possible. The restaurant chain uses structured interview processes to screen potential associates. Applicants who wish to work need to perform well during each step of the hiring process. For server, busser, and bartender jobs, the process remains streamlined and usually takes about a week, while interviewing for managerial roles may take up to a month or two.

Passing Skills Tests

Applicants vying for server and bartender jobs usually need to pass skills tests and 1:1 interviews. Skills tests include simple math problems and questions regarding customer care and sanitary food handling. Applicants with passing scores go on to participate in one or two face-to-face interviews with Maggiano's restaurant managers and district managers.


Most interviews last about 15 minutes and feature common interview questions like, "Why are you drawn to Maggiano's Little Italy?" and "Why should we hire you over all the other applicants?" In addition to answering common questions, applicants are asked to talk about customer care, experience, and availability.

Things to Do Before the Interview

Workers should prepare for interviews by practicing with partners and review employment history and relevant job skills for accuracy. Prepare to talk about personal accomplishments, work ethics, and personality. Feel free to ask questions during the interview, while avoiding subjects like pay scales and employee benefits. Additionally, conduct some research on Maggiano’s Little Italy, such as locations, menu, and company history.

Always Be On Time and Well Dressed

Arrive at the Maggiano’s Little Italy job interview punctually and dressed appropriately.

Increase Your Hire Potential

Highlight any previous experience in the restaurant industry. Always speak of past experience in a favorable light. Maggiano's Little Italy looks for dedicated associates to join the team. Demonstrate the intention to make a meaningful contribution to the team. To stand apart from the applicant pool, show a genuine desire to work.


  • anonymous says:

    What is on the test part of the application process?

  • cookie says:

    mostly questions about your work character, its easy

  • Kayla says:

    do they drug test you for a serving position?

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