MaggieMoo’s Interview Questions & Tips

Motivated Individuals Should Apply

Ice cream retailer MaggieMoo's consists of just under 70 locations throughout the United States. As a premier ice cream chain, the company looks to expand and needs to hire motivated and dedicated workers to current shops and new stores.

Fast Hiring Process

The hiring process generally only lasts a single day for most entry-level positions. Applicants interview onsite at a desired location and sit with a hiring manager for 20 or 30 minutes to discuss the job opportunity as well as personal and professional interests and aspirations.

Be Excited to Work

MaggieMoo's interviews require no formal dress or employment experience to excel. Job seekers merely need to show up enthusiastic about the opportunity to work and answer basic ice cream shop industry interview questions.

Interview Question Topics

Some common questions featured during the interview touch on subjects such as availability, work history, job duties, and motivation to work at MaggieMoo's. Answer each question in a clear and concise manner. If applicable, use past experiences to help formulate effective answers.

Follow Up with a Thank You Note

Upon completing the hiring process, send a thank-you letter or email expressing gratitude and reaffirming desire to work. Workers may receive job offers during the final interview or a few days after the final MaggieMoo's hiring session.

Drug Screenings

Depending on the position desired, some applicants must submit to drug screening and background checks, although the additional screening usually only applies to managerial candidates.


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