Malaysia Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Malaysia Airlines

After candidates submit applications, managers review all forms. If an applicant shows promise, they will receive an email invitation to set up a job interview. Malaysia Airlines' hiring process can take several weeks with rounds of interviews, depending on the number of potential hires.

Different Interview Stages

Personality and Skills Test

The interview process begins with personality and aptitude testing. These typically occur in group settings. During this stage, hopefuls also sit through company presentations.

Group and One-on-One Interviews

The next phase of the Malaysia Airlines interview process involves traditional meetings. These could be held in groups or individually. Customer service applicants are more likely to participate in group interviews than those applying for technical careers, such as pilots or grounds crew.

Further Interviews

If a lot of candidates apply, there may be a few more rounds of job interviews. The Malaysia Airlines hiring process takes about four weeks on average. For the best chances of employment, stay calm at every point, and answer each question completely and clearly.

Common Interview Questions

What Might the Interviewers Ask?

In Malaysia Airlines interviews, hiring managers want to get an idea of an applicant's goals and experience. Some of the questions they ask include:

Prepare Your Responses

Honesty is the Best Policy

Giving honest and direct answers to Malaysia Airlines interview questions allows candidates to make a good impression. Consider the types of things a hiring manager might ask about in advance. This helps ensure you won't be caught off guard, and lets you focus on offering a solid, authentic reply.

What to Wear to Malaysia Airlines Interviews

How Should You Dress?

During the Malaysia Airlines interview process, it is important to act and look professional, so dress modestly. Women must wear conservative clothing, like a blouse and skirt or slacks. Men need to wear khakis with a button up shirt and tie, or a suit. This will leave a strong impression on employers, and may even help you land the job.


  • saw joo leong says:

    this 4 disember i am going for the interview at kelana jaya, i wonder what kind of question they will ask? i need to be ready during the interview, cause it gonna be tough and different question gonna be asked, so anyone can share?

  • Dhorin says:

    I’m dhorin. I’m going interview at MHSUB. Could u inform me what kind of question they will ask?

  • yana says:

    This saturday I am going to interview at mas. Could someone inform me what kind of the question they will ask and what shoul I wear on that day. Thank youu

  • Andrew says:

    this 27 i am going to MAS Airlines, Could u inform me what kind of question they will ask?

  • imrankhan says:

    this saturday i m goin 4 the malaysia airlines interview at malaysia airline acedemy,kelana jaya….10 of us goin 4 d interview….we hope will get d job….hv 2 be confident in ur self n dont be nervous……….

  • imrankhan says:

    plz be relax n dont be nervous…4 who goin 4 mas interview,i wish all d best n gud luck 4 all of u………….

  • azril says:

    hi,i’m azril and i’m just 17 years this old and next year i think i want to go interview with mas airlines for be a pilot…how can i pass the interview…i really-really want to be a pilot for mas airlines….thanks

  • kavi says:

    im kavi,
    im going for MAS interview on this wednesday…
    could you tell me what kind of question they will ask?

  • muhammad says:

    im muhammad going for MAS interview …
    could you tell me what kind of question they will ask?

  • pavan shetty says:

    is there any recruitment of cabin crew going to take place in mumbai.plz let me know

  • ella says:

    hello, im ella. This saturday I am going to interview at mas. Could someone inform me what kind of the question they will ask and what should I wear on that day thank you

  • loh lee ching says:

    What should I wear or how should I dress for an interview at Malaysia Airlines?

  • Muhammad Faiz bin Mohd Sulaiman says:

    Please inform me if you have a steward job for me. I really want it so badly 🙁 Im 19 and have SPM certificate.

  • Ann says:

    Hey, can i ask a few questions here? 1st, what kind of the questions will they ask during the interview process? is it so much different than other jobs? 2nd, how long until I know whether I got this job or not after interview? Will they call us later or we will get the answer at that time? please reply me. thanks..

  • dayana says:

    what education level is needed for this job?

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