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Hiring process information for an interview at Malaysia Airlines

How to Get a Job at Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines job interviews typically include a mix of formal and informal sessions with other candidates, hiring managers, and HR representatives. Qualified applicants can expect to wait as long as two weeks to hear from a Malaysia Airlines representative or hiring manager after declaring candidacy with the appropriate forms. On average, the Malaysia Airlines hiring process takes roughly four weeks to complete.

Personality and Skills Tests

Applicants begin with personality testing and aptitude tests, usually conducted in group settings. During initial testing, Malaysia Airline job hopefuls regularly sit through company presentations.

Group and One on One Interviews

The second phase of the hiring process employs the use of group and 1:1 interview formats. Customer service job seekers generally encounter group interviews more often than potential associates in search of highly technical careers in the airline and aviation industry, like pilots and grounds crew.

General Interview Questions

Some common questions posed during initial interviews include:

  • How long were you employed with your last employer?
  • How do you handle stress on the job?
  • Do you enjoy serving people?
  • How long are you willing to work with Malaysia Airlines?

Customer Service Interview Questions

Malaysia Airlines candidates then move on to additional rounds of interviews, generally featuring one-on-one formats. Applicants vying for customer service jobs should expect to respond to interview questions like:

  • What activities or groups were you involved in during high school/college?
  • Do you react well in high-pressure, unpredictable situations?
  • Are you able to travel or relocate for the job?

Prepare Your Responses

Honest and straightforward answers best benefit potential Malaysia Airlines employees. Technical positions require applicants to call upon previously attained knowledge and often to demonstrate skill sets on the spot.

May Complete Additional Testing

Candidates looking for work in IT or other technological fields regularly need to complete additional testing or demonstrate abilities during the third round of the Malaysia Airlines hiring process.

How to Navigate the Interview

Attend Malaysia Airlines job interviews on time and dressed appropriately. Think about each question during the interview, and keep your answers clear and concise. Use your past experiences to help with your answers.

Consider Following Up

Malaysia Airlines typically contacts desired candidates to schedule interviews. Follow up calls or emails may aid prospective workers but are not wholly necessary to gain employment with the international airline.

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  1. saw joo leong

    this 4 disember i am going for the interview at kelana jaya, i wonder what kind of question they will ask? i need to be ready during the interview, cause it gonna be tough and different question gonna be asked, so anyone can share?

  2. Dhorin

    I’m dhorin. I’m going interview at MHSUB. Could u inform me what kind of question they will ask?

  3. yana

    This saturday I am going to interview at mas. Could someone inform me what kind of the question they will ask and what shoul I wear on that day. Thank youu

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    this 27 i am going to MAS Airlines, Could u inform me what kind of question they will ask?

  5. imrankhan

    this saturday i m goin 4 the malaysia airlines interview at malaysia airline acedemy,kelana jaya….10 of us goin 4 d interview….we hope will get d job….hv 2 be confident in ur self n dont be nervous……….

  6. imrankhan

    plz be relax n dont be nervous…4 who goin 4 mas interview,i wish all d best n gud luck 4 all of u………….

  7. azril

    hi,i’m azril and i’m just 17 years this old and next year i think i want to go interview with mas airlines for be a pilot…how can i pass the interview…i really-really want to be a pilot for mas airlines….thanks

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    im kavi,
    im going for MAS interview on this wednesday…
    could you tell me what kind of question they will ask?

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    im muhammad going for MAS interview …
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    is there any recruitment of cabin crew going to take place in mumbai.plz let me know

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    hello, im ella. This saturday I am going to interview at mas. Could someone inform me what kind of the question they will ask and what should I wear on that day thank you

  12. loh lee ching

    What should I wear or how should I dress for an interview at Malaysia Airlines?

  13. Muhammad Faiz bin Mohd Sulaiman

    Please inform me if you have a steward job for me. I really want it so badly 🙁 Im 19 and have SPM certificate.

  14. Ann

    Hey, can i ask a few questions here? 1st, what kind of the questions will they ask during the interview process? is it so much different than other jobs? 2nd, how long until I know whether I got this job or not after interview? Will they call us later or we will get the answer at that time? please reply me. thanks..

  15. dayana

    what education level is needed for this job?


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