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One of the oldest and most recognizable staffing firms in the industry, Manpower operates in nearly 80 countries. Job seekers regularly rely on the agency to find meaningful employment in HR, IT, accounting, marketing, design, sales, administration, hospitality, and vocational fields.

Facts About Working at Manpower

Minimum Age to Work at Manpower: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Manpower?)

Manpower Hours of Operation: Typically Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm; Closed Sat-Sun

Available Positions at Manpower: Recruiter, Permanent Placement Consultant, Branch Manager, Sales Executive, Call Center/Sales Recruiter

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Manpower Job Opportunities

The Midwest company serves most of the United States and several international countries. Workers may use the recruitment services offered by Manpower to find short-term, contract work with excellent pay. In addition to collaborating with local companies, branch locations operated by the prominent staffing firm use contacts with Fortune 500 employers to connect job seekers with potential opportunities. Applicants often find jobs with companies like Goodyear and IBM as well as work with regional landscaping, automotive, administrative, information technology, and logistics agencies.

Manpower also provides employment resources to aid in job searches. Training and development of workers in temporary jobs remains a pivotal aspect of company operations. The staffing agency utilizes an online training and development center allowing applicants to sharpen skills related to business administration, operations, sales, and use of technology. Aspiring temp service employees may use the resources at any time, regardless of affiliation with the outsourcing agency.

Employment as a Manpower Temporary Worker

Jobs in office settings with regular hours prove the most common types of employment available through Manpower. Large, corporate entities often use the hiring agency to outsource for associates to fill administrative or clerical functions. Applicants using the recruitment company also encounter large volumes of design, marketing, IT, and accounting jobs. Temp employees placed by the agency usually work nine-to-five schedules with appropriate breaks for lunch and weekends off. Dress codes may apply at some companies with high expectations for associates. Temp service workers must adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by new employers, regardless of the duration of the contract. Candidates may face drug screening and background checks in order to gain employment as temp workers.

Contracts and Pay Scales

In some instances, large companies hire workers using temp service agencies to fill short roles, with possibilities for full-time work available upon completing contractual terms. Employers refer to the opportunities as temp-to-hire or contract-to-hire, which culminate with full offers of employment. Exact lengths of contracts often vary by company needs. Contracts may last as little as 30 days or as long as a couple of years, depending on the length of each specific project assigned. Entry-level clerical roles may only last a few weeks and pay minimum wage, while managerial jobs or careers in specific fields like marketing and accounting may yield longer contracts and annual salary options in excess of $30,000 to $40,000. Qualifications and experience generally influence overall pay scales.

Tips For Applying

Applicants with intentions of working in specific industries often fare better during the placement process than candidates without explicit objectives. Job seekers should review employment histories prior to applying with the temp service agency to better organize career goals. Workers interested in simply earning supplemental income through any means possible may require less preparation prior to using Manpower than individuals looking for significant breaks in specific, desired fields. Reviewing the lists of positions available on the company website prior to registration also provides clients with clearer ideas of work available and requirements necessary to gain employment.

Application Status

Manpower representatives often contact job hopefuls within a few days of reviewing registration materials and any necessary forms for employment consideration. Applicants then may turn down or accept potential placement in various jobs. The career-oriented natures of most positions available via the temp service agency generally may require drug screening and/or background checks prior to official hiring. Applicants declining to work certain jobs but encountering communication lapses lasting more than a few days with staffing officials may contact representatives by telephone or email to inquire about available work.

Benefits of Working at Manpower

One of the main advantages of working temporary or temp-to-hire positions filled by Manpower includes the ability to receive formal job offers upon completion of employment contracts. Individuals offered full-time positions with temp firms may qualify for job benefits packages consisting of standard, corporate financial planning assistance, healthcare coverage, and time off. Potential work benefits may include 401(k) retirement plans, profit sharing programs, employee assistance programs, holiday pay and vacations, leaves of absence, life insurance, medical plans, prescription drug plans, and tuition assistance. Some temporary jobs may allow for short-term, contract workers to immediately qualify for employment benefits, regardless of length of tenure.

Further Details on Manpower

As part of employment services offered through the temp job agency, Manpower maintains online blogs related to looking for work. The online resource updates regularly, usually bi-monthly, and provides interview tips, market trends, seasonal hiring information, and job-related contests. Anyone may access the online job blog and use the resources provided to learn more about the employment markets as well as prepare for potential interviews.


  • william retallic says:

    When I worked at Manpower I cleaned up on work sites, and in homes. One of our projects was Sac State Grandstand.


    I worked for Manpower in Louisiana Monroe temp service. I really liked working with Cindy Cook.

  • Ana Ferreira says:

    I worked for Manpower in 2000, I loved it.

  • Ronald Carter says:

    I worked for manpower in 2005-2006. They sent me to Samsung camera division I worked my way to lead position for shipping and receiving. I enjoyed working for manpower.

  • Robert Riddle jr says:

    I worked for manpower at B&M baked beans Portland Me in early 1991! I did a large variety of jobs while there, from putting pork in the cans, dumping bags of dry beans into hoppers to be cooked, pushing carts of cans from the filling, and covering station to the brick ovens and, stacking product for shipment.

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