Marathon Interview Questions & Tips

Receiving Interviews

Marathon, a familiar name in the convenience store and gas station industry seeks interview applicants accustomed to customer service and retail positions. Candidates often apply at local stores or submit employment materials online. Many applicants also receive hiring consideration via employee referrals.

Varying Types of Interviews

One-on-one interviews prove most common, which typically follow pre-screening telephone calls. The convenience service company may dictate a sequence of interviews, but some managers issue on-the-spot job offers for entry-level positions. For more advanced roles, such as manager and assistant manager, applicants participate in more than one interview and typically spend between two and four weeks under review in the formal hiring process.

Things Interviewers Need to Know

Questions tend to focus on education, background information, prior work experience, and correct handling of customer situations. Normal interview questions may include, "How well can you multitask and handle various duties?" and "Will working various shifts and weekends be an issue?" Use prior work experience when responding to questions, if possible.

Hiring On-the-spot

Candidates sometimes meet with additional hiring personnel for further interviews; however, most entry-level applicants receive offers for prospective positions after initial meetings.

Management Jobs

Marathon management positions typically encounter several rounds of face-to-face interview meetings. Prevalent interview questions posed include, "Do you have a certain management style that you've found successful?" and "If a customer demands a refund, how would you handle it?" Managerial positions generally look for strong, team and goal-oriented individuals who posses extraordinary customer service skills. At the conclusion of the hiring process, the fuel company may perform background checks and drug testing.

What to Do in the Interview

Candidates for Marathon interviews should maintain enthusiastic manners, while connecting with hiring personnel. Showing a capacity for performing convenience store and gas station tasks, insight into retail sales and current customer care procedures may position applicants above other job seekers vying for similar positions. Ask questions if suitable and dress appropriately for the position sought.

Follow Up Appropriately

Interviewees may need to check back with the company frequently to ensure job status.

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