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marble slab creamery pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Marble Slab Creamery Application

Individuals passionate about ice cream and desserts should apply to one of the nearly 400 Marble Slab Creamery locations. A downloadable PDF form allows candidates to easily submit applications in person. The personable interaction of greeting a hiring manager with a warm, welcoming smile and presenting an error-free handwritten form typically garners an immediate interview. In return, aspirants representing characteristics of ideal team members may receive on-the-spot job offers. Hopefuls should prepare to discuss the company, job titles, and personal resumes in great detail.

How to Fill out the Marble Slab Creamery PDF Application

The application form stands as a direct representation of each candidate. Legible, completely filled out submissions fare better in competitive job markets. After printing the two-page PDF form, aspirants should read through the entire application and gather all necessary details. Job hunters must utilize blue or black ink when filling in spaces. In the end, hopefuls read through a statement, double-check the form for accuracy, and sign and date at the bottom.

“Personal Information”
Personal Information represents the first category on the document and requests basic identifying information as well as details about the background of individuals. Aspirants fill in the spaces for the date, name, street address, daytime and evening phone numbers, and if over the age of 16. Contenders should prepare to describe any felonies in the past seven years and if legally able to work in the United States. Further explanation, to include employment dates, locations, and positions, stands necessary if a candidate worked at a Marble Slab in the past.

“Desired Employment”
The brief section touches on the availability of applicants and other work-specific questions. Potential employees list the position applying for, desired location, and expected salary. Contenders should also supply first available start dates. A small row of Sunday through Saturday presents and prospective team members indicate the hours desired for each day of the week. Advisably, applicants provide the earliest and latest times available.

An easy-to-navigate chart requires aspirants to enter previous education acquired. The top row asks for the school name, city, and state in one box, if graduated in another, and the last space seeks the subjects studied and degrees received. The column to the right lists high school, college, graduate school, and technical institutions. Individuals must pair the columns and rows to successfully complete the necessary information. In the last blank, candidates write additional job-related skills and areas of expertise.

Untitled, a section under education inquires into the knowledge of the company and ice cream, in general. To begin, job seekers discuss the types of experience gained when visiting the ice cream retailer. Afterwards, contenders mention favorite flavors and mix-in combinations. Recruiters further probe into why each candidate wants to work for Marble Slab. The last question in the category encourages applicants to describe excellent customer service.

“Employment History”
Three spaces stand available for contenders to list previous places of employment. Beginning with the most recent or current job title, aspirants list employment dates, names and addresses of the employers, starting and ending pay rates, positions, reasons for leaving, and duties performed. Job hunters may also provide the contact details for supervisors to serve as references. Candidates should attach separate sheets of paper for more space. Potential staff members close the section by answering whether discharged or asked to resign from former positions.

Hiring managers contact references listed in the next section of the submission. Three professional or personal references, known for at least a year, reflect the candidate positively. Potential employees should provide the names, addresses, phone numbers, and relationships to the individuals.

The last portion of the application form requests contenders to read through a brief statement touching on the legality of the submission. Each aspirant should only include relevant and verifiable information. A copy of the team handbook also remains available. After reading through the paragraph, candidates sign and print names and then provide the date.