Market Basket Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Work for Market Basket

One of the smaller grocery store chains in the industry, Market Basket supermarkets successfully serve communities throughout southeast Texas and Louisiana. Consisting of more than 30 locations, the company currently staffs more than 2,000 entry-level and upper-level employees. The supermarket chain features an inviting work atmosphere for first-time job holders and experienced grocery store workers alike. After cycling through qualified applicants, hiring personnel contact individuals for interview scheduling.

The Interview

Market Basket administers a fairly minimalist interview format for most positions. Applicants meet with store managers and face many typical interview questions within the grocery store industry. Common questions determine if applicant possess reliable transportation, open availability, and commitments such as school, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

What to Bring

Candidates must provide several forms of documentation during the interview including Market Basket hiring materials, a driver's license, and a Social Security card.

Show Personality and Be Courteous

Overall, the Market Basket job interview remains straightforward. However, applicants should treat the interview process in a courteous and professional manner. An amiable personality and proven work ethic aids applicant reputation and possible standing with the company. Be sure to give each interviewer a firm handshake and proper farewell at the end of the Market Basket interview.


  • Lan Le says:

    When do you start to interview people for the West Bridge Water Market Basket branch? How fast do you promote your employees if you think he or she is qualified to move up and help your store?

  • annalee diaz says:

    Hey everyone. What I did was I went to my local Market Basket and asked to speak to a manager. I spoke to him and he gave me an application. I filled it out right in front of him and gave it to him. A few days later I got a call back from them. I have friends that work in a lot of Market Baskets and Im telling you now DO NOT ASK THE FRONT DESK FOR AN APPLICATION!!! Ask the manager because that shows that you want the job and make sure that you give it back to the manager. Sometimes if you give it to the front desk, they wont give it to the manager. Sometimes they will forget or throw it away.

  • Grace Njogu says:

    What’s the minimum age to work at market basket?

    • Sarah says:

      I think you have to be 16 at minimum. But in Massachusetts, they might hire at 14, but they’re strict! I think they hire at 14 in New Hampshire, too. Good luck! 🙂

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