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With more than 500 hotels worldwide, Marriott maintains a constant need for new employees. The hotel chain serves as the flagship brand of an international hospitality company bearing the same name and opens new properties regularly. Whether newly opened or firmly established, each hotel must hire a team of associates responsible for providing guests with various services and amenities.

Facts About Working at Marriott

Minimum Age to Work at Marriott: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Marriott?)

Marriott Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Marriott: Banquet manager, concierge, cook, guest service representative, housekeeper, manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Marriott Job Opportunities

Ranging from part-time positions to full-time careers, Marriott jobs cover every area of hotel operations. The chain of full-service hotels offers entry-level employment opportunities at the front of the house and in the heart of the house of each property. Employees working at the front of the house include valets, guest service representatives, and concierges, while housekeeping, maintenance, and kitchen positions comprise a few of the jobs most widely available at the heart of the house. In addition to hiring entry-level workers, each location hires seasoned professionals to work as supervisors and managers of the different areas of business involved in overseeing a successful hotel.

Both entry-level job seekers and experienced hotel managers may apply online to work at Marriott properties. While entry-level job openings typically demand fulfillment of few hiring requirements, managerial applicants must usually meet several qualifications regarding education and experience. Because the hotels within the chain offer many services around the clock, candidates with flexible schedules often enjoy increased hiring consideration. The full-service hotel chain hires employees to work either part-time or full-time and offers daytime, evening, and overnight shifts.

Marriott Positions and Salary Information

Entry-level Marriott associates receive hourly pay at rates competitive with other prominent hotel chains, while eligible full-time workers and managers take advantage of full employment benefits, including a generous annual salary. Applicants qualify for hiring only after turning 18 years old. The following list outlines some of the most popular job titles available at the hotel chain:

Guest Service Representative


Job Description and Duties
Guest service representatives work at the front desk in the lobby of the hotel and provide service to customers checking in and out. Marriott frequently hires entry-level job seekers to work as front desk agents and perform an array of customer service functions at the front end of hotels. Front desk agents handle guest check-in and check-out procedures, process and confirm reservations, activate room keys, explain and enforce hotel policies, and secure payment. Other job duties include coordinating wakeup calls, reviewing daily reports, and responding to special guest requests. Marriott front desk agent jobs carry no formal requirements for employment consideration, other than a companywide minimum hiring age of 18. Some hotel locations may prefer applicants to have a high school diploma and previous customer service experience in the hospitality industry. Prospective front desk agents should have flexible schedule availability, particularly during peak travel seasons. Excellent interpersonal skills and neatly groomed appearances also prove helpful in securing front desk positions.

Salary and Compensation
Average pay rates for Marriott front desk agents hover between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour. Depending on hotel location, employees may earn closer to minimum wage upon hire, while experienced front desk workers often enjoy hourly pay of $12.00 or more. Marriott jobs also come with attractive employment benefits like worldwide hotel room discounts, employee recognition programs, and professional growth opportunities. The prominent hotel chain regularly promotes from within and gives talented front desk agents the training and experience necessary to achieve careers in hotel management.


Housekeepers work to keep all areas of the hotel clean and sanitary. Workers with housekeeper jobs take responsibility for replenishing amenities and supplies in guest rooms, replacing dirty linens and towels with clean ones, making the beds, and cleaning the bathrooms. Housekeeper associates also dust the furniture and appliances, remove the trash, and vacuum the carpet on the floors of the rooms and hallways. The job requires employees to work on foot and move constantly. Housekeepers generally earn between $8.00 and $9.00 per hour. Read more Marriott housekeeper positions, including interview with a former housekeeper.


Concierge jobs largely entail responding to guest requests for special services, like transportation arrangements or dry cleaning. Job duties include identifying the needs of guests, taking the appropriate steps to fulfill those needs, and following up afterwards to ensure customer satisfaction. Concierges often work closely with bellpersons and housekeepers when responding to special requests. The position typically pays around $12.00 or $13.00 an hour and features opportunities to earn tips from hotel guests.


Job Description and Duties
Marriott Hotels & Resorts regularly needs managers and leaders to oversee various hotel departments and specialties. Job seekers may find careers as operations, restaurant, or general managers with Marriott Hotels. Additional management positions include Director of Finance, Director of Banquets, and Manager of Security. The management team primarily works to achieve total guest satisfaction, promote the Marriott brand name, and maintain high occupancy rates to ensure profitable hotel operations. Managers also hire, train, and delegate daily jobs to entry-level workers. Specific hiring requirements vary according to job title, but each managerial position demands a strong will and proven leadership ability. College degrees in business or related fields and significant previous work experience, particularly in a supervisory role, often proves necessary for prospective managers to find meaningful employment in the hospitality industry.

Salary and Compensation
As a prominent hotel and resort chain, Marriott offers several major job benefits and employee perks to hotel managers. To start, Marriott extends various salary options to managers, depending on employment level, experience, specialty, and location of the property. For example, sales managers may earn around $43,000 a year, while pay scales for lead hotel managers hover around $60,000 annually.

Tips For Applying

The careers section of the Marriott website enables prospective employees to search and apply for jobs online. Job seekers applying online must first create a login name and password to access the application forms. Before starting, applicants should gather all pertinent information related to past employment, academic background, and references to expedite the application process. While corporately owned hotels use the same online application form, franchised properties often require applicants to send resumes and cover letters via email. Regardless of the format of the application, having a resume prepared ahead of time will help make the process of applying more organized and less time-consuming.

Application Status

While hotel hiring officials usually review and respond to job applications within a few weeks of receiving the forms, candidates experiencing longer wait times may want to follow up with Marriott by phone or email. When following up, applicants should politely ask about the status of the job opening and enthusiastically reiterate interest in the position. Follow-up contact should occur no more than once per week, at most. Potential workers should also consider registering online for job alerts, which notify users of suitable employment opportunities offered by the hotel chain in the future.

Benefits of Working at Marriott

Working at Marriott gives associates access to numerous employment benefits, such as competitive pay, career advancement opportunities, and discounts on hotel rooms. Eligible workers enjoy additional job benefits, like 401(k) retirement plans, employee referral bonuses, and leadership awards. The hotel chain also maintains an employee recognition program for long-tenured team members and grants free weekend stays to workers after 25 years of service, as well.

Additional Information on Marriott

Established by J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott in 1927, the Marriott hospitality company encompasses more than a dozen different hotel brands. In addition to the eponymous flagship brand, the company operates hotel chains ranging from moderately priced suites to luxury resorts. In total, the international hotel company oversees more than 3,900 properties in over 70 countries worldwide. Collectively, roughly 325,000 associates work for the family of hotel chains, which remains headquartered in Bethesda, MD, USA.

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  1. Kacey

    I have worked for Marriott and it was a fun loving atmosphere. The employees were nice and
    very welcoming I loved how I had to interact with the guests and I love how I made the guests feel
    at home, and knowing they stay was a big success and they left with a smile says a lot to me and I know
    they will be coming back.

  2. Tabatha nutall

    I loved working for the company. I got along with co worker’s and guest, my job title was housekeeping.

  3. md farhad ahsan rizvi

    Yes. I worked at Marriott in the year 2011 to 2013. It was a great environment to work in Marriott. Staff and management were excellent.

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    How can I apply for a job at marriott hotel.


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