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Benefits of Printing out the Marshalls Application

As a member of the TJX Companies family of brands, Marshalls offers employment seekers wide varieties of part-time, full-time, and seasonal jobs. Applicants looking to make solid first impressions with hiring staffs should consider downloading, printing, and filling out job request forms by hand. Unlike traditional online applications, printable hiring forms allow candidates to complete the documents at-leisure and then turn in the necessary papers in person, which offers opportunities to speak with management directly. Walking into a store location with a completed application conveys determination and professionalism, as well. Workers may also conveniently reprint the forms, if needed.

How to Fill out the Marshalls PDF Application

The Marshalls application contains several pages applicants must complete for employment consideration. Due to the length of the document, workers should allot between 30 minutes and one hour to fill out the forms entirely. Individuals should also use blue or black ink and write as legibly as possible. Job hopefuls may prepare much of the information required on the printable application prior to entering data. Gathering materials such as names and addresses of past employers, references, and information regarding criminal convictions (if applicable) may save prospective associates time in the long run.

Personal Data

Applicants begin by entering basic contact information. A large chart at the top of the form requires names, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, and any preferred nicknames. Workers should note the document asks for both previous and current addresses. Other inquiries appear below the chart, including questions surrounding past employment with the department store, relatives or friends who previously or currently work for the chain, referral sources for the position desired, indication of age under or over 18, and legal right to employment in the United States.

Employment Desired

Below the portion reserved for contact information sits a brief section asking about the specific position sought after, earliest start date, number of total hours available to work each week, and a table offering applicants spaces to list hours of availability for each individual day of the week. Job seekers also mark employment preferences in the section, with checkboxes signifying part-time, full-time, regular, or seasonal intentions. A final question gauges whether applicants remain open to relocation upon hire.


The hiring form then moves on to ask about work history. Applicants must provide both general and specific details for four recent places of employment beginning with the most recent job held. The form instructs job hopefuls to list any and all types of past work opportunities, including military service and volunteer positions, if applicable. Key information required includes the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of each business, former supervisor names, past job titles, dates employed, reasons for leaving, and beginning and ending pay rates. Potential employees may attach resumes or other organized documents to highlight additional positions held, if desired.


Applicants must also share academic histories on the hiring forms. Beginning with circling highest grades completed for elementary, high school, and college institutions, workers then fill in specific details about high schools and colleges attended. The additional information includes the names of the schools, locations, and degrees or diplomas obtained. Applicants must also provide the major areas of study in the appropriate boxes. A final set of checkboxes asks if job hopefuls feel comfortable with the department store contacting the schools listed to verify the information provided.

Skills and Qualifications

As a major department store chain with various positions to fill, Marshalls uses the hiring process to screen for diversely skilled individuals able to carry out wide ranges of duties. Filling out the PDF application, workers come across a set of checkboxes representing various characteristics and professional abilities useful in the workplace. Individuals should place checkmarks in the boxes indicative of personal abilities. Any additional skills not listed in the set of checkboxes applicants may list in the lines provided.

Personal References

The short yet important Personal References section allows candidates to list up to three persons able to attest to professional abilities. Provide the names, relationships to, email addresses, and phone numbers of the references. A single checkbox asks if the chain may contact the references listed. If candidates check No, the individuals must provide reasons why in the line below.


Marshalls takes employee safety seriously and asks candidates to divulge information regarding criminal histories in the Security sections of printable applications. Specific information regarding applicants in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Georgia appear toward the bottom of the section. Workers living in the states mentioned should read over the statements for each locale prior to entering in any data. All other applicants must check a box asking about felony convictions within the last seven years. Yes answers require job hopefuls to expand upon the circumstances surrounding the convictions in the appropriate lines. An additional question about theft in the workplace appears below the inquiries into felony convictions.


After providing the necessary and required information for all sections listed above, candidates sign and date the documents in two places to certify the information and provide legal consent to background checks. In each case, the Marshalls printable hiring form offers disclaimers regarding the dissemination of information and rights waived upon signing the application.