Mary Kay Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Mary Kay

A short and highly informal interview process, the procedures used to screen applicants for Mary Kay jobs usually involve one-on-one hiring sessions. Applicants meet with current employees, who also serve as recruiters, to discuss becoming a part of the team. The hiring personnel go over various aspects of cosmetics sales, like goals, conduct, product lines, and commission. Based on the interview, Mary Kay personnel make hiring determinations and then formally offer jobs.

Expect a Short Hiring Process

The Mary Kay interview process lasts a day, with hiring sessions taking place over the course of a couple of hours in very informal, casual fashions. Applicants converse openly, usually in the home of the rep or at an agreed upon meeting place, to discuss available positions. In some instances, independent beauty consultants, or sales associates, meet with sales directors to gain further understanding of expectations and permissible conduct while employed.

Networking and Personable Demeanor are Important

Candidates must exude friendly and personable attitudes, as most positions involve regular customer interactions. The ability to network also greatly benefits prospective Mary Kay workers during the interview process.

Questions for Interviewees

During Mary Kay interviews, questions like, "How familiar are you with Mary Kay products?" and "How would you recommend Mary Kay to a friend?" remain common. Mary Kay interview questions also regularly touch on personal and professional goals to judge work ethics. The hiring process looks into personal appearances, as well.

Wear Fashionable Clothing

Workers must wear fashionable yet sensible, professional dress to Mary Kay job interviews. Use of Mary Kay products may help in demonstrating personal appreciation for the brand.

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