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Ranked competitively as a Fortune Global 500 company, McKesson distributes pharmaceuticals, health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools around the world. Jobs persists in abundance for both entry-level and career-level job hunters.

Facts About Working at McKesson

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at McKesson?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Sales Representative, Accountant, Clinical Program Manager, Automation Sales Executive, Human Resources Support Center, Principal SAN Engineer, Server Database Developer, Operations Supervisor, Content Manager, A/R Specialist, Financial Analyst, Financial System Controls Analyst, Material Handler, Pricing Coordinator, Assistant Buyer, Buyer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

McKesson Job Opportunities

More than 75,000 employees sustain the economic growth of McKesson, which first began in 1833. Leaving behind covered wagons and paving the way for the future of the medical distribution industry, the company remains popular among entry-level job seekers for the sheer amount of jobs available around the world. In addition to competitive wages, employees flock to work with the medical supplier boasting broad arrays of job benefits including excellent healthcare options. Qualified workers may submit applications for full- and part-time jobs.

As the large company maintains a multi-faceted approach to medical distribution, available jobs differ greatly in terms of work environment and available growth potential. However, a multitude of jobs feature excellent advancement opportunities and favorable scheduling during normal five-day workweeks. Jobs remain open in various fields including corporate, technology solutions, and distribution. Both office and manual labor jobs offer sound employment options for interested employment hopefuls with varying levels of experience. Hiring personnel seek highly motivated individuals to fill each position. Additional characteristics job hunters should display include listening and comprehension abilities, upbeat personalities, and willingness to go beyond listed job duties.

McKesson Openings and Pay

Typical job requirements vary for each position. Most entry-level roles require at least high school education equivalents, while others may ask for certification in various fields. Applicants should stand at least 16 years old, though most positions require individuals aged 18 and older. Common positions open to entry-level candidates follow below:

Material Handler

  • Working in a physical field, material handlers maintain responsibilities revolving around the transportation of goods.
  • Shipping and receiving entails unpacking and checking products for quality and accuracy against purchase orders.
  • Filling orders requires acute attention to detail to avoid errors, which may result in loss of business.
  • Some equipment operation may prove necessary, such as forklifts, hand tools, and various computer systems.
  • Material handlers may expect salaries ranging from $10.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Payment Representative

  • Detail-oriented, self-motivated individuals should fill out applications for payment representative positions.
  • Handling payment information and transactions requires scrutiny beyond normal jobs in order to reduce errors resulting in costly damages.
  • Applicants should possess familiarity with computers and basic programs in addition to internalizing the ability to learn new software and systems efficiently and quickly.
  • Payment representatives communicate by way of phone frequently and consistently use both email and hard copy mail.
  • Typical pay for associates begins around $11.00 an hour.

General Clerk

  • Mainly carrying out clerical duties like filing and sorting invoices, general clerks collect and organize reports, maintain records, and track data.
  • Office skills benefit applicants above other qualities; however, teamwork and hardworking characters remain required.
  • Candidates must present sound phone skills and type with efficiency.
  • Proficiency with office machines, such as typewriters, copiers, and fax machines, significantly increases potential value offered for the company.
  • Clerks typically earn around minimum wage up to $10.00 hourly, depending on skill levels and background.

Tips For Applying

For any position with the company, hopefuls may find applications through the online job portal. In order to successfully submit applications or application-and-resume combinations, candidates must create complete personal profiles. The profiles allow users to submit to multiple jobs located throughout the McKesson network. When providing past work experiences and skills, only record relevant information to keep the attention of the reader. Current employees report hire as a result of consistently checking in and contacting recruiters if possible.

Application Status

The amount of time needed to process candidate applications varies widely. Factors affecting wait times include number of applicants, interview processes, and need to fill the position. Receiving job offers may take from a few days up to a month or two depending on application processing. Checking on application statuses proves easy, as candidates may access applications via the job portal by entering in username and password information.

Benefits of Working at McKesson

As a healthcare-oriented company, workers often take part in various complimentary health and wellness resources such as biometric screenings, weight watchers, smoking cessation programs, and flu shots. Additionally, gym discounts and wellness incentives promote employee welfare. Also concerned with employee futures, McKesson continues to offer profit-sharing investments and 401(k) retirement plans. Associates may take advantage of work benefits by purchasing shares in the company through the employee stock purchase plan. Workers also receive access to a training and development program offering in-person classes and an online library with thousands of resources to expand user knowledge. The generous company additionally maintains an education assistance program to help subsidize tuition costs.

Further Details about McKesson

The McKesson Foundation aids less fortunate, low-income patients with medical costs. In action since 1943, the foundation currently maintains the Giving Comfort program to provide low-income cancer patients needed and requested items for comfort during chemotherapy treatments. Contributing over $5 million to nonprofits, the company continues to match employee donations, which totaled more than $3 million between 2012 and 2015.

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