McKesson Interview Questions & Tips

Jobs Available

As the oldest and largest health care services company in the nation, McKesson plays a fundamental role in the industry. Most employment opportunities available with the health care company include customer care representative jobs and sales positions.

Interview Process and Length

Recruiters often contact applicants via phone or email to set up initial interviews. Candidates meet face-to-face with hiring personnel and generally participate in more than one interview before the hiring process is complete. Depending on the position, the interview process may last anywhere from two weeks and up to six weeks. Certain sales positions may require some form of job shadowing before advancing to the next one-to-one interview.

Sales Rep Positions

Sales representatives may expect a lengthy interview process, with multiple one-to-one interviews with hiring personnel. Candidates may also be required to shadow a current company sales representative before finalizing the hiring process. Hiring managers screen candidates for excellent sales and customer service skills by asking questions such as, "Do you consider yourself an aggressive salesperson?", and "Do you have specific examples of successes in the past?"

Customer Care Jobs

Workers may also find practical career paths in customer care representative jobs. Applicants should expect to meet with multiple hiring managers during the interview process. Typical McKesson interview questions focus on prior knowledge of specific health-related customer service, education, and communication abilities. Questions such as: "What attracted you to our company?", "Have you ever dealt with processing credit card transactions over the phone?", and "What would be the best way to assist patients while explaining their benefits?" remain common.

Wear Suitable Clothing and Study the Company

Successful candidates dress the part, typically wearing suits and ties or professional dresses. Previous knowledge of company expectations and services often prove beneficial. Applicants should take time to perform appropriate research before starting the interview process, if possible.

Confidence and Following Up

Candidates should show confidence in responses and show gratitude when necessary. Should the interviewer fail to grant employment upon meeting conclusion, follow up via email or telephone a few days after the final interview.


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