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Diverse employees from different backgrounds make McMaster-Carr one of the most successful industrial suppliers in the nation. The family-owned business specializes in next-day delivery of half a million mechanical, electric, plumbing, and utility materials. Jobs remain in wide abundance.

Facts About Working at McMaster Carr

Minimum Age to Work at McMaster Carr: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at McMaster Carr?)

McMaster Carr Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 7:45am-6:00pm; Sat: 8:00pm-1:15pm; Closed Sunday

Available Positions at McMaster Carr: Customer Support Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Branch Manager, Warehouse Specialist, Warehouse Supervisor, Merchandiser, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Publisher, Purchasing Associate, Marketing Specialist, Financial Analyst

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

McMaster-Carr Employment Opportunities

McMaster-Carr hires individuals to take on challenges like translating technical specification into enticing ad copy, handling fast-paced warehouse receiving action, providing world-class customer service, or coordinating the information systems which keep workers and customers connected. Creativity and diversity fuel employee engagement and drive innovation. Dedicated associates hold varied types and levels of experience, such as bachelor’s degrees in the liberal arts or engineering, or PhDs in business management. Such diversity enriches the workplace with original ideas and new perspectives.

In an ongoing commitment to excellence, McMaster-Carr encourages employees to continuously improve skills and offers 100-percent tuition reimbursement for degrees in any subject. The company serves customers nationwide and operates five regional branches in Illinois, New Jersey, California, Georgia, and Ohio, with jobs available in sales, shipping and receiving operations, finance, purchasing, merchandising, and electronic publishing. Thanks to the enthusiastic dedication of associates, the manufacturer holds a respected reputation among customers around the world.

McMaster-Carr Job Options and Salary Packages

McMaster-Carr hires talented individuals to fill diverse positions in the pursuit of success, whether on the front lines dealing with customers face-to-face or behind the scenes providing technological expertise. Prospective employees seeking full-time work may find exciting job opportunities as customer support specialists or as members of publishing teams. Hiring takes place commonly for the following jobs:

Customer Support Specialist – Customer support specialists solve unique challenges every day by finding the most efficient ways to fulfill the needs of customers. Excellent verbal communication and problem-solving skills stand required for the position. Workers holding bachelor’s degrees and previous customer service or order fulfillment experience may expect to earn salary packages upward of $50,000 per year. Typical duties include answering customer inquiries about products, shipping information, pricing, and order fulfillment. Associates respond to calls, emails and faxes in English, Spanish, or French in order to solve challenges. An entry-level job, the positions of customer support specialist places employees at desks in front of computers for hours at a time. Comfortability using modern computer operating systems proves vital for employment..

Publisher – McMaster-Carr relies on a robust catalog of maintenance, repair, and operations materials to sell parts and equipment rather than employing a sales force. To make the endeavor a success, a team of highly skilled associates must work together to publish a clear and concise catalog of components for customers. Workers on the publishing team hold knowledge of merchandising, copywriting, graphic design, and web content writing. The process involves translating the technical specifications of mechanical components into clear and concise benefit-oriented copy, electronically retouching photos of items to enhance details, and using software tools to organize the components in the catalog both online and into physical volumes consisting of over 3,800 pages. Salary packages for publishing positions fall between $45,000 and $55,000 per year.

Information Systems Specialist – As technology evolves, McMaster-Carr incorporates new tools and systems into manufacturing and distribution processes in order to streamline efficiency, enhance communication, and boost productivity. Information systems specialists provide critical support by applying new technologies to enhance business processes. Coding efficient and functional systems directly affects the profitability of the company, so specialists develop mainframe applications, web apps, search engines, and data retrieval programs in coding languages such as COBOL, Power Builder, Visual Basic, Perl, C++, JavaScript, and HTML. Intelligence and creativity rank more highly than credentials, and the manufacturing company seeks skilled, technology-savvy individuals from diverse backgrounds. Qualified individuals may expect pay rates of $70,000 to $80,000 per year, depending on knowledge and experience.

Tips For Applying

Prospective associates may apply online via email, copying and pasting resumes into an online form, or using the company website to build and submit resumes. Candidates may also mail physical copies of resumes to recruiters at the company headquarters in Chicago, IL. The company cares more about recruiting diverse individuals who display intelligence and innovation rather than hiring based purely on degrees or certifications, so applicants should highlight achievements and accomplishments on resumes rather than specific qualifications.

Application Status

Candidates should hear back from McMaster-Carr regarding application status within a few days of submitting resumes. The interview process typically involves flying potential workers out to one of the operational branches around the country for a full day of interviews. Applicants should expect to receive either a job offer or a polite rejection at the conclusion of the process, which eliminates the need to check back regarding application statuses.

Job Benefits at McMaster-Carr

In addition to retaining a stellar reputation for customer service, McMaster-Carr holds a reputation of caring for employees by offering generous employee benefits. Specific job benefits include comprehensive healthcare coverage with medical insurance, dental and vision coverage, and paid time off, including maternity leave and paid vacation days. The employer also offers full tuition reimbursement, 50-percent discounts on catalog items, profit-sharing plans, and employer-matched 401(k) retirement plans.

More Facts about McMaster-Carr

First published more than 100 years ago, the McMaster-Carr product catalog stands as a common sight in machine shops throughout the world. Holding all the same information as the company website, the catalog includes thousands of pages filled with design schematics, part descriptions, and technical specifications in one iconic yellow seven-pound book. The publication remains heralded as a feat of materials science and an example of excellence in design.

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