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How to Get a Job at McMaster-Carr

McMaster-Carr, a provider of a wide variety of work equipment, searches for employees from diverse backgrounds to assist in several aspects of business. The company offers careers in customer service, publishing, and systems. Since each employment category requires unique skill sets, the interview process differs from position to position. Perform research on the company website to better understand the requirements involved.

Customer Service Jobs

In the customer service branch, managers pay special attention to prospects with excellent problem-solving skills in fast-paced environments. Candidates answer questions based on past experiences within the customer service industry. Competitive applicants also possess personality traits suitable for customer interaction and in-line with company culture. Customer service also extends into the warehouse section of the business. Warehouse specialists carry out product orders secured by customer service representatives. Occasionally required to speak to customers directly, prospective warehouse employees should also expect a certain level of personality screening to take place during the interview process. Candidates generally field questions related to productivity, work ethic, and attention to detail.

Publishing Roles

For individuals with Liberal Arts backgrounds, McMaster-Carr offers positions in the production of the company catalog. Employees construct content, design catalog pages, and edit pictures. Candidates vying for publishing jobs need abilities in converting technical language, layout design, and digital editing. Questions in the interview for potential publishers gauge creativity, talent, level of formal experience, and ability to meet deadlines. Applicants should construct a detailed and diverse portfolio.

IT Positions

Candidates with proficient programming ability should pursue work under the systems sector of McMaster-Carr. Prospects of the systems division need to possess significant understanding of company products and operations in order to construct valuable code. Applicants of the systems class may benefit from thoroughly researching the company and preparing ideas for increasing performance of existing programs for each interview. Expect to demonstrate knowledge in COBOL, Power Builder, Visual Basic, Perl, C, C++, Javascript, and HTML during the one-on-one session.

Length of Process

The McMaster-Carr hiring process lasts approximately two weeks. Successful prospects receive hiring decisions one week following the interview date.

Submit Resumes Online

Applicants begins the process by submitting a resume online. Candidates should strongly consider including cover letters as well as lists of references.

Phone Screenings

Prospects receive contact from human resources via telephone two to three days following resume submission, where initial 20-30 minute screenings occur.

Face-to-face Interviews

At the conclusion of the phone session, the human resources agent schedules applicants to come in for a series of 1:1 interviews. Candidates may face up to three consecutive interviews in one day, consisting of senior managers from different departments..

Be Enthusiastic and Genuine

The company requires a successful performance for each session, so candidates need to maintain levels of enthusiasm and attentiveness throughout the process.

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