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Mediacom provides smaller regions the same amenities found in large cities, including high-speed internet, low-cost phone service, and cable television. Employees assist in the mission by filling full-time and part-time customer-oriented positions.

Facts About Working at Mediacom

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Mediacom?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Technician, Warehouse Associate, Driver, Warehouse Assistant, Telephone Activation Specialist, Telemarketing Representative, Telemarketing Assistant, System Technician, Switch Translations Operator, Technical Operations Supervisor, Direct Sales Supervisor, Staff Accountant, Marketing Manager, Business Operations Manager, Administrator, Market Analyst, Installer Technician, Human Resources Associate, Inbound/Outbound Customer Sales Representative, Human Resources Analyst, Field Auditor, Account Executive, Dispatch Representative, Sales and Marketing Director, Commercial Account Representative

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Mediacom Employment Opportunities

A leading cable operator, Mediacom uses technology to enhance the lives of customers all over the United States. Founded in 1995 by Rocco Commisso, the company maintains headquarters in Blooming Grove, NY. With a diverse workforce of almost 4,800 employees, the telecomm firm offers job seekers with unique perspectives and backgrounds the ability to qualify for gainful employment. Serving almost 1,500 communities, the telecommunications company targets smaller markets, with a majority of customers residing in the Midwest and Southern United States. By delivering the same quality of digital entertainment experienced in metropolitan areas, employees demonstrate genuine concern for smaller cities and towns.

Working environments vary among the different positions and include offices, retail stores, warehouses, and residential homes. Numerous entry-level opportunities allow employees to find a niche in the telecommunications industry. However, associates normally share the common interest of customer service and technology. Continuously granted the chance to obtain additional education, determined workers move toward mid- and high-level careers easily. The company views the workforce as assets and helps members flourish.

Mediacom Job Prospects and Wages Information

Qualified candidates hold high school diplomas or equivalents. The required age for employment stands at 18 years or older. Related experience proves useful for most positions. Applicants offering outgoing and upbeat personalities paired with excellent communication skills may qualify without relevant knowledge. A flexible schedule requires the ability to work nights, weekends, and overtime. Available opportunities commonly offered include:

Direct Sales Representative

  • By making effective sales presentations to assigned homes, sales representatives demonstrate the products and services offered firsthand.
  • Customer satisfaction remains top priority during interactions.
  • Representatives travel extensively and must maintain satisfactory driving records.
  • Associates complete in-home appointments and assist patrons with required agreements and application forms.
  • Basic mathematics and bookkeeping skills assist in the collection of payments during the visits.
  • The ability to maintain favorable relations with subscribers and vendors may lead to increased commission.
  • Base salary begins at $17,000 a year and may increase up to $25,000 with experience.

Customer Associate

  • Directly concerned with quality assurance, the position requires understanding and professional attitudes at all times.
  • Depending on previous experience, hourly wages of $9.00 to $12.00 hold available for qualified applicants.
  • Associates may interact with clients through telephone, email, mail, or fax and need to possess comfort using office equipment.
  • Additional prerequisite skills include acceptable grammar, proficiency in Microsoft Excel, and accounting skills.
  • Customer associates demonstrate organizational skills through maintaining filing systems for department records.
  • Sensitive information requires good judgement and confidentiality.
  • Managers also expect workers to resolve customer problems directly through research instead of quickly unloading issues onto other team members.


  • Technologically inclined people enjoy installer careers.
  • Employees perform duties pertaining to the installation of cable television during in-house appointments.
  • Duties may include connecting and disconnecting devices, payment collection, and basic troubleshooting.
  • Installers prepare for an array of weather conditions.
  • The job requires climbing poles with proper equipment, lifting, and crawling in confided spaces.
  • Pay rates between $10.00 and $15.00 an hour allow eager individuals room for advancement.
  • With zero to two years of experience needed, job seekers without telecommunications knowledge learn valuable trades in a booming industry.

Tips For Applying

Online applications carry preference when applying to most positions. Applicants may also submit resumes at local branches. Job seekers should ask to speak with hiring managers and remain respectful at all times. Candidates must dress professionally when making in-person appearances. By opting to apply online, individuals search through a career portal to find openings based on location and category. Descriptions of the positions allow prospective applicants the opportunity to locate specific responsibilities and minimum qualifications. The application form found on each job opening requests a resume and additional information. Candidates must register with an email or login as a returning user.

Application Status

The hiring process may take as little as a few days to several weeks. Hiring leaders call prospective candidates and arrange phone interviews. Assertive applicants seek out managers a few days after applying to follow up on available positions. If following up in person, arrive during off-peak hours and remain respectful. If positions fill, job hopefuls should stay attentive and reapply for other openings in a few weeks. Hiring managers reward persistence and encourage continued interest in the company.

Benefits of Working for Mediacom

A full employment benefit packages encourage successful work environments.

  • Healthcare coverage includes vision, dental, and medical insurance.
  • On top of competitive salary packages, workers enjoy vacation and paid time off.
  • Employees may obtain additional education if pre-approved, as well.

Mediacom provides the necessary equipment and tools needed to perform the required duties. Certain positions allow for the use of company vehicles. Discounted services and products offered by the company also remain available to employees.

More Information on Mediacom

The telecommunications outfit proactively stands against rising programming costs and unfair bundling practices. By developing an informative website edition, the company mentions current issues and how to get involved. Large media conglomerates require companies to purchases channels in bundles. Mediacom stands against requiring customers to purchase unneeded channels in order to receive popular ones. Fighting on the consumers behalf, workers request lawmakers in Washington to put an end to the practice. In 2013 and 2014, letters to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asked for an assessment of anti-consumer and anti-competitive practices. Additional letters to congress and government officials urge reform.

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