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An American chain of drugstores founded in 1968, The Medicine Shoppe oversees more than 500 independently franchised community pharmacies located throughout the United States. Franchisees achieve success in part by hiring the right candidates to fill available jobs.

Facts About Working at Medicine Shoppe

Minimum Age to Work at Medicine Shoppe: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Medicine Shoppe?)

Medicine Shoppe Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location

Available Positions at Medicine Shoppe: Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Cashier, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Building Maintenance Technician

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Medicine Shoppe Job Opportunities

Medicine Shoppe pharmacies hire cashiers and clerks to handle entry-level job duties, such as ringing up sales at checkout stations, stocking shelves with merchandise, and offering general assistance to customers. Especially ideal for applicants without much previous work experience, entry-level positions serve as good ways to establish histories of employment in the pharmacy industry. More experienced workers with the proper training may qualify for careers as pharmacists or pharmacy technicians.

In addition to filling prescriptions, Medicine Shoppe associates provide customers with access to over-the-counter remedies, general healthcare products, and everyday household items at fair prices. The corporate motto of Caring Beyond Prescriptions sums up the special emphasis the company places on fulfilling the medical needs of customers. During the application process, job seekers demonstrating the ability to serve and connect with others generally enjoy the best results. Working for the pharmacy chain puts associates in position to take advantage of competitive salary packages with various employment benefits.

Medicine Shoppe Positions and Salary Information

Medicine Shoppe jobs range from entry-level occupations to professional pharmacy careers. While cashier and clerk positions remain popular among inexperienced workers and part-time job seekers, professional career opportunities in the pharmacy industry typically come with higher standards regarding education, licensure and training, and employment history. Before starting the application process, find out more about the most frequently available jobs:

Cashier – Candidates with excellent customer service skills and limited experience should consider applying for cashier positions. Cashiers at Medicine Shoppe pharmacies earn about $9.00 in hourly pay. Overall goals involve concluding each customer experience on a positive note. Specific responsibilities mainly encompass using cash registers to ring up purchases, collect payments, generate receipts, and make change when necessary. Additional duties may include light housekeeping and further customer assistance, such as responding to general inquiries.

Clerk – Medicine Shoppe clerks play key roles by providing support throughout the pharmacy. The employees keep the retail areas clean and well-stocked, serve as cashiers when necessary, and assist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as needed. Clerks must prove capable of demonstrating versatile and well-rounded attitudes toward work and remain ready to help out in a variety of situations on the job. Some franchisees require or prefer applicants with previous pharmacy experience, while others hire candidates holding at least high school degrees. Clerks should expect to earn between $9.00 and $10.00 an hour in most cases.

Pharmacy Technician – Job seekers applying for pharmacy technician positions need to hold either the proper licensures or the willingness to become fully certified once hired. Pharmacy technicians handle medications and sensitive information on a regular basis and must remain aware of and follow applicable laws as well as Medicine Shoppe corporate policies. Job duties range from preparing prescriptions and verifying patient information to processing insurance claims and updating the data in the pharmacy computer system. Pharmacy technicians also handle phone calls and faxes from doctors and deliveries from pharmaceutical companies. The position generally pays between $12.00 and $15.00 per hour.

Tips For Applying

The Medicine Shoppe application process takes place online at the website of parent company Cardinal Health. Individual franchisees may also advertise job openings locally or on other employment websites. For the strongest chances of receiving interview invitations, entry-level candidates need to emphasize the right information on the application forms. In addition to mentioning any work experience, prospective cashiers and clerks should focus on making customer service skills clearly evident. Unlicensed pharmacy technician candidates should check to see whether the job requires current licenses at the time of applying.

Application Status

For retail jobs like cashier and clerk positions, checking on the status of a submitted application traditionally serves as an acceptable way to show initiative and stand out. Follow-up contact can occur by phone, email, or in person. Ideally, job seekers should follow up with a manager or the person responsible for evaluating applications rather than count on a pharmacy associate with no authority to relay the message. Applicants who choose to check back in person should aim to look polished and professional when visiting the appropriate pharmacy location.

Benefits of Working at Medicine Shoppe

Like many other nationwide chains, Medicine Shoppe offers franchising opportunities to qualified individuals, which means highly motivated and dedicated workers may eventually start down the path to pharmacy ownership, which also means job benefits vary between locations. Typically, franchisees provide eligible associates with a combination of worker insurance options, medical coverage, employee discounts, holiday and vacation pay, 401(k) retirement plans, and other miscellaneous employment benefits.

Additional Information on Medicine Shoppe

In addition to general pharmacies, The Medicine Shoppe operates a handful of locations designated as Specialized Care Centers (SCCs). The SCCs take customer service to the next level by offering personalized expertise in a specific field of healthcare. Areas of specialization include heart health, diabetes, long-term care and home healthcare, and immunizations. Pharmacists at the SCCs must complete additional training to become certified in the chosen specialty.

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