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Mellow Mushroom pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Mellow Mushroom Application

A staple for most pizza shops, paper applications allow job hunters the ability to fill out and submit forms onsite in relatively short amounts of time. However, completing hiring requests in person may disrupt daily operations and require unnecessary attention from prospective supervisors to oversee candidates while filling out the paper forms. Downloading and printing paper applications to fill out at home often eliminates the potential for getting in the way of managerial duties and frees up the opportunity when handing the forms in to speak with personnel about concerns or aspects of positions desired outside of completing the employment documents. Arriving with completed forms also communicates professionalism and the ability to work independently without supervision.

How to Fill out the Mellow Mushroom PDF Application

Applicants should set aside at least 30 minutes to fill out the required data fields and reread the documents to ensure accuracy and legibility once complete. Pay close attention to instructions in each section to avoid making mistakes. The application features five large sections broken down into even smaller segments throughout. Blue or black pen works best. No pencil. A line for the date appears at the head of the employment request.

Job hopefuls provide names, addresses, and phone numbers at the onset of the Personal section. Three questions follow the fields for basic contact information asking about friends or relatives working for the chain, personal employment with Mellow Mushroom in the past, or any past submissions of applications to the pizza shop. Answering Yes to any of the three questions requires brief explanations. Workers close out the section listing methods of hearing about opportunities for hire.

“General Information”
Basic details required include indicating age as 18 or older, marking the ability to show proof of right to work in the United States, admission of criminal records (if applicable), and explanations of terminations or resignations from past jobs. Applicants may attach separate sheets of paper to the documents to delve further into previous criminal convictions and/or forced resignations, as needed. The General Information section continues with questions regarding availability. Check whether interested in full-time, unrestricted hours or part-time schedules. Individuals vying for part-time statuses must indicate why by checking one of the three options provided. A table sits beneath the questions with spaces for each day of the week, including slots for morning and evening shift preferences. Under the chart, state salary expectations and an available start date.

“Employment History”
Applicants then enter in employment backgrounds. The document requests the most recent job held followed by other former positions listed chronologically backward. Provide the name, address, phone number, type of business, dates employed, starting and ending pay rates, job title, duties, reasons for leaving, and supervisor names for each position. Individuals must explain gaps in employment and indicate whether Mellow Mushroom may contact past jobs to corroborate the work history details on the lines provided.

A chart four rows high and five rows long appears in the next section. Workers use the chart to list details regarding academic backgrounds. The form primarily seeks information surrounding experiences in high school, college, and trade or vocational schools. Applicants may list other types of schooling received in the row labeled Other. The names, locations, areas of study, years attended/completed, whether graduated, and types of degrees or certifications received must appear on the appropriate lines.

“Notification and Agreement”
Mellow Mushroom encourages applicants to read a series of brief statements prior to signing and dating the forms. The statements include information regarding the rights of candidates, legality of the details disclosed in the pages of the application, and employee expectations upon hire, including at-will termination policies. A signature certifies the document. Workers must provide the date, as well.