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Founded shortly after the Civil War, Memphis Light, Gas, and Water, or MLGW, stands as one of the largest national three-service municipal utility companies. Thanks to skilled employees, the company provides reliable and affordable electricity, water, and natural gas to over 400,000 customers.

Facts About Working at Memphis Light, Gas, And Water

Minimum Age to Work at Memphis Light, Gas, And Water: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Memphis Light, Gas, And Water?)

Memphis Light, Gas, And Water Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Memphis Light, Gas, And Water: Lineman, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Electronics Technician, Chairmen, Vice Chairmen, President and CEO, VP Engineering and Operations, VP, CFO, Secretary and Treasurer, VP and Chief Technology Officer, VP and General Counsel, VP Construction and Maintenance, VP Customer Care, VP Human Resources, Director Project Management Manager Information Services, Manager Risk Management, Manager Quality Control Director, Information Technology Manager, Project Manager Customer Information Systems, Controller, General Auditor, Director Analysis Strategy and Performance, Director Corporate Communications, IT Staff, Manager of Engineering, Commissioner, VP Information Technology, Technical Support Supervisor, Dw Team Lead, Electronic Engineering Dep, Computer Software Specialist, Telecom Engineer; Telecom Engineer, Supervisor, Project Coordinator, Supervisor of Comp Admin, Computer Software Specialist, Customer Accounting Intern, Management, Supervisor, Training Development Specialist 3

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Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Employment Outlook

Workers from all backgrounds keep operations running smoothly. Employees fill a range of jobs, from entry-level positions requiring only high school diplomas to highly skilled careers requiring master’s degrees and years of technical experience. Workers operate at many sites in Memphis and Shelby Counties, such as fuel gate stations which measure, pressurize, and distribute nearly 40 billion cubic feet of natural gas to consumers each year. Water comes from one of the largest artesian well systems in the world, which taps into the rich natural bounty of the Memphis aquifer. Employees conduct upwards of 38,000 water tests every year at 10 water pumping stations to ensure quality and safety. MLGW does not generate electricity, as law requires the company to purchase power from the Tennessee Valley Authority; however, maintaining and expanding the infrastructure to distribute electricity to consumers requires the skills and talents of dedicated associates.

Experience working at industrial locations, such as power plants, pumping stations, paper mills, or chemical processing plants, comes in handy when submitting applications at MLGW. Degrees in electrical engineering, accounting, computer science, or other professional certifications such as Class A Commercial Driver’s Licenses help candidates stand out in the arena of job competition. The world-class people working for the utility provider contribute to award-winning success, such as the recent Heriff Honor Award for Distinguished Service to Engineering.

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Jobs and Salary Options

Building and maintaining a vast utility distribution network poses a unique challenge requiring dedicated employees. Design engineers contribute to the success of the company by planning civil engineering projects. Skillful electronics communication technicians who work in underground vaults and bucket trucks keep communication equipment functioning. Thousands of miles of power lines transmit electricity to consumers within the service area. Linemen help maintain the cables while following strict safety procedures. Detailed utility job descriptions sit listed below:

Design Engineer

  • Qualified design engineers hold bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering, valid Tennessee driver’s licenses, and previous experience in similar fields.
  • In order to expand and maintain the utility infrastructure, design engineers work full-time and apply principles of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and electricity to plan and design additions or alterations to communication and transmission systems, electric subsystems, and water production facilities.
  • Employees must navigate the hazards of construction sites while making field inspections.
  • Salary packages range from $66,000 to $70,000 per year.

Electronics Communication Technician

  • Electronics communication technicians spend a large part of the job working in underground vaults.
  • Associates work full-time to install and maintain company radio systems and video recording equipment.
  • Other duties include locating and repairing sources of electronic interference, operating infrared scanners to check for abnormal heat signatures, and occasionally performing repairs in bucket trucks.
  • Ideal candidates possess associate’s degrees in telecommunications engineering technology and must not be colorblind.
  • Employees successfully complete Placement Performance Exercises before job assignment and possess valid Tennessee driver’s licenses.
  • Expect salary options, with annual pay rates near $42,000.


  • MLGW hires dedicated, skilled workers to fill the position of lineman.
  • Employees work hard to construct and maintain the company network of power lines and electric cables while sticking to strict safety regulations.
  • Requirements for the job include completing an approved lineman apprenticeship program, a valid Class A commercial driver’s license from the state of Tennessee, and successful completion of Placement Performance Exercises.
  • Associates receive pay in the form of hourly wages close to $31.00 an hour.

Tips For Applying

Include resumes with keywords matching desired job descriptions. A valid email address stands necessary to apply, as well. Memphis Light, Gas, and Water also accepts applications in person at the company administration building during business hours. If applying in person, applicants use computer kiosks to complete applications or upload resumes from USB drives. Applicants must reside in Shelby County, TN, or must move to the area within six months of obtaining employment.

Application Status

The hiring process may take several weeks, depending on the number of people vying for the same position. A courteous call to inquire about the status proves acceptable after submitting an application. Candidates may also check the statuses of applications online. Web accounts save personal information, resumes, a list of jobs available, and jobs previously applied for. After recruiters review applications, eligible candidates either receive calls for interviews or invitations to undergo Placement Performance Exercises, depending on the position desired.

Benefits of Working at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water strives for excellence and offers great employee benefits to hardworking associates. Work benefits packages include:

  • Pension plans similar to 401(k) retirement plans
  • Healthcare coverage, and
  • Paid time off for company holidays
  • With paid vacation available to workers based on time spent with the company.

Additionally, working as a member of an award-winning team guarantees success-driven environments.

More Details on Memphis Light, Gas, and Water

As the one of the largest utility providers in the nation, MLGW acts as an environmental steward and maintains operations in ecologically friendly manners. Heading a Green Power initiative, the company rewards homes and businesses in the Memphis area able to generate renewable power onsite through solar, wind, and biomass, which the Tennessee Valley Authority purchases back. The procedure also enables renewable energy harvesters to claim federal tax credits equal to 30 percent of installation costs. In an effort to aid the community, Memphis Light, Gas and Water also donates bottled water to natural disaster victims, non-profit organizations, and public events.

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