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Menards Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a Menards Team Member Do?

A Menards team member takes on tasks of keeping the store clean and organized, stocking shelves, assisting customers, and working with the cash register. Basic math skills and ability to follow directions are key factors of the position.

Age Requirements and Training

Training as a Menards team member begins a few weeks after hire. The training lasts roughly a week. Management will work with new employees and show them the ropes of the store. Workers at the store must be at least 16 years old.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

The starting hourly wage of a team member at Menards is $10.00 per hour. Flexible schedules are an option at the company. Full-time or part-time hours may be an option for work depending on the store’s employment needs.

Career Advancement and Benefits

Perks of a career as a team member at Menards include being able to choose working in inside or outside departments, receiving healthcare benefits, and a store discount of 10% off transactions. Paid time off is available to qualified employees.


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Menard’s Job Description & Interview

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Menards Team Member: Yeah, so at Menards I was just a carry out. Basically I would stand outside and if somebody needed to carry some lumber or some big package into their car, I was the dude who did it. Lifting salt bags, I had to push all the carts from the outside into the inside. I don’t know if they’ve changed this from this point on, but at my store they didn’t have one of those electric pushers like you see outside a big Walmart or something. And so I was literally pushing all these carts inside, you know? So for someone like me who wasn’t very athletic, it wasn’t my cup of tea. The other guys there were kind of just like, “Yes, manual labor. I’m into it.” But I was just like, “Nope, not my thing.” But yeah.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?

Menards Team Member: Yeah, I’d say their work environment, they definitely have a corporate culture and stuff. It was a huge store so they almost had … I’m trying to remember if they have an office area inside of it or not. I don’t think they did. I don’t know. I’m not going to speak to that because I don’t really remember because it was four years ago. Yeah, I’d say they definitely have a bigger corporate culture in a sense because there was a different department inside of each part of the hardware store. And that had its own hierarchy of leaders and managers and then sales associates.
So it was definitely more of a bigger environment. You could go to work and you’d see six people a day that you didn’t even know because it was so huge. So yeah, you were kind of tight knit within your own department, but then the other departments you might not know people. So that was pretty much it.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?

Menards Team Member: I’d say my favorite part was honestly the pay was pretty decent. It started off slightly above minimum wage. Then they would pay me $10 an hour on the weekends. And then the hours were pretty consistent. It was almost too much for me because I was a college student and they were just kind of like, “Hey, we really need a carry out person right now. Can you work these extra hours?” So coming out of high school into college, I wasn’t into that but for someone who’s just like, “Yeah I just need to make money now.” You know, not that bad actually but it can be a little demanding because it is a pretty busy store. I mean especially in the location I was at. During the summer and stuff everybody was coming to buy stuff to do their yard work with and stuff. It was really popping.

Interviewer: Please describe the application and interview process.

Menards Team Member: The application process was pretty standard. I just applied online and then I got a call back within a few days because they just needed another carryout person pretty quickly kind of because of circumstances. And then they did a background check and I did have to do a drug test. Which wasn’t a big deal really. Yeah, I went to some lab and that was pretty much it and yeah. Then they called me back a couple of days later and I got the job.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Menards Team Member: Pretty standard interview process too. I remember they just asked me questions about how I would handle different sales questions and stuff. I think compared to … because I also applied to Home Depot around the same time and Home Depot gave me a test about hardware questions and stuff. And me not really being into hardware, I think I did pretty bad on that. But Menards was kind of just like “You’re going to be pushing carts and doing carry out stuff. You’ll learn the hardware stuff as it comes.” And I sort of did, but then I wasn’t there for that long. So yeah.

Interviewer: How were you notified that you received the job?

Menards Team Member: In my case, it took them about a week. And then it took them a couple of days just to tell me I got the job. So it was pretty quick turnaround. And I think it helped that they just had two carry out people quit. So they really needed me.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?

Menards Team Member: Yeah, so I think again just coming in there pretty clean cut really helped me out. Yeah. I just answered the questions in complete sentences and didn’t really make a big stink or say anything that would obviously make me a problem if I was trying to work in a team. You know? So that definitely worked out.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Menards Team Member: Yeah, I think it depends on what you’re applying for. If you’re trying to be a manager there, they’d probably want someone who has hardware experience. Which makes sense because you have to be able to answer all these random questions. I can remember one of the annoying things about working there, it was I would be pushing carts and stuff and then I’d have customers come up to me and ask me questions about like, “So where are these casings for these pipes and stuff?” And I’d be like, “Dude, I don’t know. I’m tired here.” Or like, “Go ask this person.” You know? So yeah, maybe having that experience would help but I’m sure that’s the case for any hardware store really.


  • As per the reviews, working in Menards as a team member is a good experience. But like any other company it has its own flaws. One of the Menard team members says that working at Menards was a solid job. They had decent pay for the work, especially when you work on weekends because Menards give you a few dollars extra for working on weekends. Working as a cashier at Menards was very difficult to keep a regular schedule with Menards, and if you ever needed time off it is very difficult to get it. If you are a full-time worker you can also get holiday pay, paid vacation days or any type of insurance. Some of the employees say that for a part-time job this is ideal. Additionally, this is a good learning experience for people who are fresher. You will get to deal with angry customers.

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