Men’s Wearhouse Interview Questions & Tips

Personal Appearance is Vital

During Men's Warehouse interviews, applicants should pay special attention to personal wardrobe choices. As a retail chain resting laurels on abilities to fit and dress customers in top fashions of formal wear, employees and candidates for job openings must wear highly tailored outfits at all times. Personal grooming in addition to dress also plays an important role in impressing hiring staff. Dress should include matching suit jackets, ties, dress pants, dress shirts, and dress shoes for men and business-professional dresses or skirts and blouses for women.

Key Attributes

Men's Warehouse puts applicants through relatively simple proceedings for employment consideration. Aside from demands regarding personal appearances, hiring staff screen for candidate sales abilities and customer service skills.

Process Length and Format

The entire hiring process spans about a week, with some successful candidates finishing up in less than a day. The Men's Warehouse interview process often includes a single interview in one-on-one format with an attending manager. Some interview tactics used to gauge sales skills and abilities to interact with customers comfortably, on-the-spot include directing applicants to sell random objects about the office used to conduct the interview or to turn the interview around and have the candidate interview the hiring manager for the position.

Do Your Homework

Researching company policies, product lines, and overall sales objectives serve as some of the best ways to prepare for the Men's Warehouse interview process. Research conducted prior to attending job interviews greatly benefits applicants during question and answer segments of the hiring process.

Questions to Study

Applicants regularly respond to, "What does good customer service mean to you?" and "What do you know about our primary competitors?" Men's Warehouse interview questions also touch on working for commission, as many aspects of sales operate on employee commission-based pay scales.

Display Personality

Maintain friendly and professional attitudes through the hiring process and demonstrate sales skills, either through role play techniques or past experiences, to gain favor and increase chances of landing a formal offer of employment.

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