Merle Norman Cosmetics Interview Questions & Tips

Interview Summary

Like many other retail chains, Merle Norman hires workers using basic job interview formats consisting of question-and-answer sessions with hiring managers. Product managers typically oversee the hiring of new, entry-level workers. Most job interviews feature one-to-one formats. The hiring process lasts only a day or two at most, with Merle Norman interviews taking as little as 30 minutes to complete at the retail level. Corporate positions and managerial jobs may require applicants to sit through longer, more intensive interviews, which may last up to an hour or more.

Subjects Discussed in the Interview

Overall, Merle Norman hiring managers ask very straightforward interview questions. Applicants may respond to prompts about personal interests in the company, product lines, and reasons for working in the cosmetics industry. Merle Norman interview questions may also involve hiring personnel asking prospective employees to perform brief product demonstrations.

Experience isn't Everything

A history of working with cosmetics tends to benefit applicants during the Merle Norman interview process, although the company looks for fresh, motivated, and dedicated individuals able to communicate in personable and friendly manners, as well.

Attire Advice

Arrive on-time for Merle Norman job interviews wearing clothing representative of the company. Fashionable, presentable, and eye-catching apparel often works best. Take care to wear office-appropriate clothing, as sales associates generally spend a majority of average workdays in front of customers.

Ask Interviewers Questions

As the Merle Norman interview process winds down, ask questions about potential responsibilities and overall working conditions as well as commission rates, if applicable, and current fashion trends. Taking initiative to ask questions demonstrates a genuine interest in the job and the company.

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