Merlin Entertainments Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Merlin Entertainments

Europe's premiere entertainment operator, Merlin Entertainments needs fun-loving and energetic workers for entry-level jobs and professional careers. Applicants must first submit the necessary paperwork to earn hiring consideration.

Beginning the Process

Hiring representatives typically contact prospective employees for job interviews within 14 days of of initial job postings. Most applicants hear from Merlin Entertainments hiring managers via email. Job seekers should prepare for interviews by reviewing work history, job skills, and availability.

Selection Processes Vary

Merlin Entertainments offers an astonishing variety of roles featuring exceptionally diverse selection processes. Designed to be relaxed and enjoyable, the interview process assesses personality and on-the-job capabilities. Entry-level jobs, like sales associate and rides team member, generally require candidates to participate in group interviews followed by one-on-one interviews.

Entry-level Interview Questions

Interviewees for entry-level positions often encounter basic interview questions, which relate to work ethics and interpersonal skills. Some examples include: "What is good guest interaction?", "How do you like to be managed?", and "How do you deal with workplace negativity?"

Superior Roles

Higher-level positions usually need workers to pass several panel interviews, which usually include behavioral and situational interview questions regarding job responsibilities.

Arrive On-time and Dressed Up

Applicants should arrive on-time to Merlin Entertainments job interviews ready to spend at least 30 minutes during each session. Candidates should dress in an appropriate manner that fits the role applied for. Anyone unsure of what to wear should side with dressier clothing choices.

How to be the Best

Applicants want to provide clear and concise responses to all Merlin Entertainments interview questions. Job seekers should display love for amusement parks and express genuine interest in working for Merlin Entertainments. The company mission is to create unique and memorable experiences, and job seekers should share and demonstrate the belief in the power of fun.

Wrapping Up Interviews

The Merlin Entertainments hiring process looks for people that go the extra mile, and interviewees ought to bring up examples from past experiences of going above and beyond to accomplish or surpass goals. At the conclusion interviews, applicants should follow up, with phone calls or emails expressing gratitude for meeting with managers. Whether successful or not, applicants hear about hiring status a few days after interviewing.


  • h3x says:

    Merlin will most commonly recruit in ‘Assessment Centers’ for roles such as General Operations Assistant, which will usually be at the attraction you have applied to or an attraction within that cluster.

    Group interviews by Merlin will involve the following:

    1- Introduction of yourself – You are also told to bring in an item that best describes your personality, do not fall into the trap of bringing your phone or a photograph, get creative!
    (most people talk about their item for approx 30-60 seconds)

    2-Group Tasks – You will now be split up into groups and then given tasks to perform in that group, for example: You are given 2 items from that attractions retail shop and discuss in your group which item you are going to talk about and why it would be a good seller, you then present this to the rest of the groups.

    Another task will involve team work e.g You are stranded on a deserted island and have a list of items you can take with you, which items will you choose and why….discuss

    Merlin likes to see candidates in group situations this way to further gauge how they will work within their attraction…being confident and out spoken is key in group interviews, makes your points clear and don’t be afraid to express yourself!

    3: 1-2-1 Interview: You will finally be interviewed individually, talking about your CV and previous experiences and why and what makes you want to work for Merlin Ents. A knowledge of other Merlin attractions will make you look good and enthusiastic (Sea Life, Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds, Thorpe name a few)

    And that’s it folks, expect your assessment center interview to last for approx 2-3 hours.

  • Connie says:

    My experience was different. I went to an assessment about two years ago, but yeah general standard procedure with the different stages.

    Except first up we were split into pairs, and had about ten minutes to get to know each other, then we had to stand in front of everyone and do a presentation on the other person, selling their good points, talking about what was different about them, what made them stand out, and vice versa.

    We also had to do the group activity of trapped on a sinking ship – there’s only one lifeboat, who do you save? I think we could save two people, and we were given profiles of about six people. That one was tough, and I’m pretty sure that was just to show your teamwork skills, how you compromise with other people, and how well you stand your ground.

    The third one was unexpected. We had to make a construction, the tallest structure won. It was out of cardboard, paper, and straws or something, with celotape. Those were bigger groups of about four or five.

    I got through all of the rounds apart from the last so didn’t get my interview.

    In regards to what people wear, there was quite a lot of young people who didn’t really make an effort, and just wore casual clothes. Only one or two men in suits, and one other smartly dressed lady. I think it tends to be pretty casual on what you wear. I’d go with smart-casual as it’s not going to be an interview in the standard ways. It’s a lot more involved, and you don’t want to wear something you might not be comfortable in, or will restrict you.

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