Merrill Lynch Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management operates as a subsidiary of Bank of America and provides a multitude of financial services for individuals and businesses throughout the United States. Employment hunters usually apply for job opportunities listed on the company website. Human resource personnel commence the hiring process by initiating contact via telephone and reviewing resumes with potential associates.

Review Company Information

Prior to the interview, applicants should brush up on necessary skills and review industry standards. Align answers with company culture when possible and provide optimistic responses.


Applicants sometimes undergo phone screening before recruitment officials schedule face-to-face meetings with various department managers, often conducted in a panel format. Depending on the position, hiring procedures may require candidates to take online skills assessments to ensure applicants qualify for the job.

Plan to Wear Professional Attire

The wealth management company commands a professional presence, and Merrill Lynch employees must look sharp while at work. Applicants should adhere to these standards by wearing business-formal attire to the job interview.

Be On-time

Candidates should attend each session with time to spare and notify appropriate staff upon arrival.

The Questions

Inquiries may vary depending on the requirements of the position. However, during the hiring meetings, one or more managers assess applicant eligibility by asking questions like:

  • What makes you a good fit for this job?
  • How do your strengths compensate for your weaknesses?
  • How do you handle disputes in the workplace?

Demonstrate Courtesy and Follow Up

Show gracious qualities by thanking each interviewer the opportunity. Follow-up via phone or email several days after the meeting to check on hiring status.


  • Laurie miller says:

    I interviewed today with Merrill Lynch and it was an excellent experience. Prior to this interview I already had completed two recruiter telephone interviews as well as taking the required math and aptitude tests online. The regional manager that I was supposed to meet with at my appointment time had not yet arrived, so I started my interview with a gentleman that manages the office. The only thing I brought with me was a copy of my resume which he asked for at the start of the interview. He asked me to give a brief synopsis about myself and my experience in sales. He was more interested in hearing about the rapport I had with my clients (I’ve been an insurance agent for 25 years) then he was about my ability to close a sale or reach production goals that were set. He talked about his employment prior to going through the PMD program 14 years ago, and how the focus of the company has shifted over the time that he’s been with them.
    I next met with a woman that has been with the company 17 years, and currently is the sales manager in the office. Her focus was answering any questions that I had for her about the company.
    Approximately 20 minutes later the district manager arrived and I interviewed briefly with the three of them in an office, and was then asked to sit in on the regional sales meeting. I was told that this was an exception and this was not a normal part of the interview. The entire process took a few hours, and it was a great learning experience. It was left that I would be hearing from them within a week.

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