Merry Maids Job Interview Tips

How to Present Oneself

A cleaning company based out of Omaha, NE, Merry Maids looks for individuals with strong work ethics and attention to detail. Prospective employees must demonstrate strong and positive interpersonal skills, aptitude for communicating with management, and abilities to instill trust and confidence with clients. Emphasize an empathetic, genuine nature during each interview and highlight past experiences demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond expectations. A professional, well-kept appearance further reinforces an overall professional image.

Timeline for Hiring Procedures

The hiring process generally lasts no more than one week; however, individuals applying for management positions should expect a timeline of six to eight weeks from start to finish. Housekeeper candidates participate in a phone interview within a few days of submitting the required hiring materials.

Phone and In-person Interviews

Recruiters outline duties of the position as well as ask a few general questions concerning motivation and experience during the phone interview, and then schedule times for in-person interviews. Expect traditional interview questions designed to assess personality, work ethics, and applicability of past experiences.

Applying for Managment

Applicants seeking managerial positions should expect multiple in-person interviews with a recruiter, Human resource manager, and occasionally with the VP of operations. Candidates may also be required to participate in various behavioral tests and mock presentations.

Receiving Job Offers

Any candidates selected for employment receive information regarding acceptance via telephone. All positions may necessitate background checks and drug screening.


  • stasha says:

    I have an interview tomorrow, i will be happy to share all my information afterwards.

  • stasha says:

    They drug screen, background check, you have to have driver’s license and insured vehicle. They tell u dis on da website. Benefits, they pay weekly, yayay!

  • Breanne says:

    How much do you normally make at merry maids?

  • Chloey says:

    Do they drug test randomly periodically or just before hiring?

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