MetLife Insurance Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at MetLife

When looking to fill positions in sales and customer service, MetLife seeks candidates eager to join the insurance industry. Most entry-level job seekers face phone screenings as general introductions to hiring staff and desired positions.

Group and 1:1 Interviews

Applicants may then undergo series of one-to-one or group interviews before receiving final hiring decisions. Most individuals encounter two or more face-to-face hiring sessions during the interview process.

Employee Assessments

Depending on positions sought, prospective employees may need to complete online assessments during the interview process, as well. However, most employment assessments only apply to upper-level management and corporate positions. The interview process lasts from two to three weeks, in most cases.

Hiring Questions

Hiring personnel may directly ask applicants, "How would you describe your personality?" or pose situational questions related to personal hobbies or professional circumstances in order to gauge candidate traits. Questions about professional responsibility, such as, "How would you handle a disgruntled customer on the phone? How would you calm them down?" and "How do you maintain sales in a down market?" further assess applicant suitability.

Background Checks

In addition to successfully navigating the interview process, eligible candidates pass background checks, as well.

Wear Formal Clothing

Wearing formal attire suited for corporate offices often increases hiring chances for aspiring workers. Professional demeanors and dress prove customary and expected of associates upon hire.


  • Penelope says:

    Do a little bit of research on MetLife before you interview with them.


    hi…i am seeking a job in the back office and i have one year of experience in the mortgage process.

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