MetroPCS Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at MetroPCS

An emerging alternative to the much larger cell phone companies, MetroPCS searches for energetic, knowledgeable workers looking for work in the telecommunications industry. Due to the growing presence and popularity of the brand, applicants should encounter a considerable amount of opportunities for both entry-level and managerial work.

1:1 and Panel Interview Sessions

Applicants should expect to face multiple interviews ranging from one-on-one sessions with store managers to panel interviews with more than one upper-level member of management, depending on the position applied for.

Time to Complete Hiring Process

Candidates cite interview processes taking anywhere from two to four weeks before receiving final hiring decisions.

Interviews Vary Based on Store

Sales associate and customer service candidates tend to face varied interview processes, which differ mostly from store to store. Applicants begin with phone screenings as general introductions, followed by either group interviews at hiring events or face-to-face interviews with store managers.

Typical Questions

Some interview questions candidates may face include, "How would you sell accessories if a customer already bought a phone?" and "How would you calm a customer upset with their bill?"

Management Jobs

Managerial opportunities represent the only positions generally requiring more than a single job interview for employment consideration. Candidates may face multiple one-on-one interviews or need to meet with numerous members of management at once to ensure suitability for the position. Interviewers often present aspiring managers with situations such as, "How would you address an underperforming employee?" and "Tell me the best way to keep up with emerging technologies in our business." Supervisory candidates should also attempt to refer to any previous managing experiences when answering questions relating to the position applied for, if possible.

Keep Neat Appearance

Interviewees should present a neatly groomed and businesslike appearance throughout the MetroPCS interview process.

Desirable Candidates

Maintain eye contact with each interviewer and answer all job interview questions openly, carefully, and honestly. Character traits most hiring personnel favor include trustworthiness, persistence, and responsibility. Remain calm through each meeting, all while conveying confidence at each opportunity.

Background Checks and Drug Tests

In addition to successfully navigating the interview process, candidates eligible to receive job offers need to pass background checks and drug screenings.


  • Karol Pacheco says:

    I would like to work at Metro PCS. I speak two languages,I like to help others,and learn and experience new things.

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