MGM Grand Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at MGM Grand

MGM Grand operates as a Las Vegas casino and hotel owned and managed by MGM Resorts International. The popular, Las Vegas hotel screens for workers with fun, energetic, and motivated personalities to fill both entry-level and managerial positions on a regular basis. Applicants seeking gaming, hospitality, culinary, or customer-service jobs find many jobs available.

Interview Operations

Depending on the position desired, MGM Grand Las Vegas may conduct a comprehensive series of interviews, including group interviews, panel interviews, one-on-one meetings, background checks, drug screenings, and personality tests. Some positions, like game attendant jobs, require applicants to obtain gaming or casino licenses, as well.

Preparing for MGM Interviews

Workers should prepare for the MGM Grand interview process by researching establishment values and the position desired. Dress to impress for MGM Grand job interviews and arrive on time. Punctuality proves paramount to making a good first impression. Previous experience in the casino, travel, or hospitality industry often benefits applicants during the MGM Grand hiring process; however, candidates who display open, outgoing attitudes may stick out above applicants who rely solely on experience to gain employment.

Presented Questions

Interviewers typically ask applicants questions to gauge personality traits, work ethic, job skills, and employment history. Entry-level applicants typically respond to questions like: "What do you like to do in your free time?" and "What would you do if you saw a guest stealing?" Managerial applicants may field more position-specific questions.

Crafting Answers

Give examples from past experience when relevant through responses to MGM Grand interview questions and express desire to grow with the company.

Call or Email to Follow Up

Thank MGM Grand hiring representatives at the end of each interview session and follow up with a phone call or email a few days later to improve chances of landing a job offer.


  • jonathan says:

    I apply for a job at one of MGM company online its still active its been a few days now and i cant apply to any other jobs at MGM cause you guys only allow one Application at a time i need to know if the MGM company has an employment center i can come to. let me know what i should do

    Thanks for your time

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