Michael Kors Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Michael Kors

Entry-level applicants encounter one-on-one interviews with shift leaders or store managers during the Michael Kors hiring process. Workers should conduct some pre-interview research about Michael Kors in effort to align responses with company core values. Job hopefuls may also want to review employment history in order to draw from applicable experiences during the question-and-answer portions of the interview process.

Wear Michael Kors Clothing and Be Punctual

Arrive on time to each job interview dressed fashionably and professionally. Applicants may even want to wear Michael Kors clothing and accessories to each interview to gain preferential treatment over other prospective employees.

Interview Questions

Most applicants respond to questions regarding employment history, related job skills, and availability during interviews. Other common interview questions gauge personality traits and work ethics. Specific Michael Kors job interview questions include:

  • Do you work quickly?
  • Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?
  • How do you think this interview went?
Other questions may take on more scenario-based approaches for hiring staff to gauge applicant customer service skills.


Demonstrate knowledge of Michael Kors products and target demographics when given the opportunity. Provide creative yet concise answers to each interview question to make a lasting impression with hiring managers.

Prepare Your Own Questions

Job hopefuls may want to prepare a few questions to ask interviewers.

Job Offers

At the conclusion of the Michael Kors interview process, expect a job offer or notification of contact at a later date for final hiring decisions. Applicants may want to send a follow-up email to the hiring representative within a few days of the final interview to check on employment status if no formal offer is made.


  • Nicole says:

    What should I wear for a store manager position? A suit or pants and a nice button down?

    • nicole says:

      Appropriate dress for an interview – pants and a nice button down.

  • leah valenzona panganiban says:

    i´m really excited to work and experience something new at micheal kors..a unique new trend of this generation….

  • giulia buttitta says:

    I would like to apply at Michael Kors. I look for a job as a salesperson.

  • Angie says:

    If I get hired at one of the Michael Kors stores and next year after I graduate from college want to move into a corporate position in advertising, how do I go about getting interviews for that?

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