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A prominent electronics retailer, Micro Center operates over 25 stores. Computer and electronics solution knowledge along with superior customer service skills prepare interested candidates for both part-time and full-time positions offered within the company.

Facts About Working at Micro Center

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Micro Center?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Warehouse Associate, Front End Supervisor, Retail Sales Manaager, Customer Service Manager, Knowledge Expert, General Sales Associate, Build Your Own PC Sales Associate, Macintosh Sales Associate, Peripherals Sales Associate, Systems Sales Associate, Gaming Sales Associate, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Payroll Manager, Store Office Associate, Office Coordinator, Assistant Controller, Payroll Specialist

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Micro Center Job Opportunities

Nearly 35,000 products presented in large regional stores across 16 states offer something to satisfy dedicated computer users. A pioneer in the industry, Micro Center provides customer-oriented shopping environments with 12 dedicated product and service departments. With individual attention given to each customer, associates build rewarding rapports with visitors, as knowledgeable employees create steady expansion and profitably. Sought-after applicants must maintain levels of passion for the technology industry. Motivation to share knowledge and assist in proper product selection facilitate ideal consumer experiences.

Micro Center encourages employees to set high standards and find paths of achievement by learning the business from the ground up. Promotions generally occur from within to reward continuous loyalty, competitive spirit, and customer commitment. Ambitious individuals find success and growth in direct relation to efforts put forth. Team atmospheres encourage novices and experts to share technological advice. Most entry-level positions require six months to a year of retail experience allowing applicants interested in electronic careers with limited knowledge opportunities for employment. Multiple levels of advancement exist in both management and technological support. Pre-approved educational courses allow further training for full-time employees to assist with career progression.

Employment Outlook and Salary Information for Micro Center

Experience paired with education creates successful candidates. High school diplomas or six months to a year of related experience remain necessary for entry-level positions. Micro Center requires pre-employment substance abuse and background screening. On some occasions, computerized tests assist in determining prerequisite skills. Job titles available for hire include:

Customer Service Representative

  • By assisting customers in checkout areas, customer service representatives demonstrate superior ability to interact with patrons.
  • Basic mathematical skills ease the outgoing merchandise process of credit and cash transactions.
  • The ability to accurately obtain names, addresses, and emails of Micro Center customers begins the checkout process.
  • Exceptionally prepared associates interact seamlessly with patrons when prompted with questions regarding products and warranty information.
  • Familiarity with retail provides an edge over competition.
  • Generally associates receive hourly wages of $8.00 to $10.00, with shared commission a possibility.

Sales Associate

  • Customer-service focused, sales associates greet patrons and demonstrate knowledge by assisting with product needs.
  • Duties and tasks assigned to the position fluctuate.
  • The job includes merchandising and departmental tasks varying from building product displays to price markdowns and cycle counts.
  • Continuous sales, vendor, and product training helps associates maintain the latest product knowledge.
  • Due to the nature of sales, outgoing and proactive personalities fare better in quota settings.
  • With pay between $4.00 and $10.00 and commission of $500 to $15,000 a year, experience and sales skills lead to increases in annual salary.

Warehouse Associate

  • Responsibilities include direct, hands-on supervision of merchandise.
  • Workers interested in careers geared toward electronics often receive preferential treatment from hiring personnel.
  • Granted the opportunity to handle electronics and computer equipment regularly, associates quickly gain industry knowledge.
  • Essentially handling the distribution of incoming and outgoing shipments, warehouse associates must maintain necessary skill sets to process merchandise.
  • Pulling orders, loading and unloading merchandise, replenishing shelves, and general store maintenance make up typical responsibilities.
  • Additional duties include assembling floor displays, assisting customers in carrying items, and basic cleaning.
  • Workers also maintain inventory controls and stock counts of products.
  • Laborers must actively assist in loss prevention programs.
  • On average, employees make between $9.00 and $13.00 an hour.

Tips For Applying

A career portal allows prospective workers the ability to apply for specific positions currently available online. By joining Talent Network online, applicants also leave general information for future jobs. Talent Network allows interested individuals opportunities to receive alerts about new positions, updates from the company, and share information through social media and email. Micro Center favors genuine interest in computers and electronics. Employees also need open availability for evenings, weekends, and occasional holidays.

Application Status

Hiring managers typically respond to applications within a week or two of submissions. Eager applicants may also call or stop into desired locations with resumes for quicker responses. Generally, application processing may take upwards of three weeks once the company makes contact with candidates. The process normally consists of two or three interviews. On occasion, job interviews contain hypothetical situations requiring interviewees to answer with thorough responses demonstrating customer service skills. A standardized computer test measures technological knowledge.

Benefits of Working at Micro Center

Micro Center rewards employees and offers high-quality, competitive work benefits packages including medical, dental, and vision insurance, accident, short-term and long-term disability, critical illness coverage, and a 24-hour nurse line.

  • Full-time associates over 21 years of age become eligible for 401(k) retirement plans after one year of service.
  • Part-time and full-time workers receive paid time off after six months, with full-time employees receiving additional absence days and paid holidays.

Tuition reimbursement also stands readily available to assist with career advancement in pre-approved educational courses. For tech savvy workers, the employee discount program offers great savings on top-line products.

Extra Information on Micro Center

The prominent computer and electronics store offers a build-your-own computer program for shoppers looking for custom PCs. Customers pick parts for computers with the knowledge of experienced sales associates. Professional technicians build the computers constructed of requested parts based on the needs of each individual. The possibility of system upgrades allows customers to select larger options for expansion down the road. Protection plans safeguard the future of custom computers with a variety of replacement plans. With no appointment necessary, the ability to build a computer during store hours or online allows customers ultimate flexibility.


  • Jeorge Altalaguire says:

    I really want to work company of micro center i have experience more than 3 years about computer trouble shooting and reapair and installing i start my job computer reapir since 2006 until now …

    I think im qualified become a part of the comapany worker

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