Micro Center Interview Questions & Tips

The Hiring Process

As a respected chain of more than 20 retail outlets specializing in computer hardware and software, Micro Center needs to hire employees with extensive knowledge of computers and customer service. Prospective workers can showcase such knowledge as well as other skills during the interview process. Qualified job seekers typically participate in multiple interviews, meeting once with a supervisor or department manager and once with the general store manager, in most cases. Applicants generally complete Micro Center job interviews either individually or as part of a group with other candidates.

Customer Service-Based Interview Questions

Standard for the retail industry, Micro Center interview questions tend to revolve around employee interactions with customers. Interviewees commonly respond to questions like, "How would you explain a complex computer issue to a customer with limited product knowledge?" and "Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer."

Additional Interview Tasks

Hiring managers often want to know why applicants chose to pursue Micro Center jobs rather than positions with other retailers, as well. Interviews regularly include computerized tests assessing personality traits, job-related skills, and technical knowledge of computers. Candidates involved in group interviews usually have to participate in various icebreaker exercises and other interactive activities, in addition to fielding standard interview questions.

Tips for Success

The Micro Center hiring process regularly looks for knowledgeable and skillful workers. When interviewing with hiring managers, demonstrate a genuine passion for helping others and for computers and technology in general. If requested, provide professional references to better illustrate your job skills, work ethic, and relevant knowledge.

Display Professionalism

Interviewees seeking customer-facing roles, like most available jobs, should strive to look neat and polished in meetings with store hiring personnel. Exhibit further professionalism by thanking the hiring manager at the finish of each Micro Center interview and by following up within a week to convey ongoing enthusiasm for the employment opportunity.


  • aisha says:

    can i apply?i need job..

  • Jason says:

    How do I have to dress? I’m a guy and I have long hair would that affect my first impression on the interviewer? What are some of the questions they ask? I know a lot about electronics, will that help my chances of getting a job there?

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