Microtel Interview Questions & Tips

Starting Off

Applicants seeking hotel jobs with Microtel need to complete the hiring process first. Once an applicant submits the required paperwork, a hiring manager generally contacts the prospective worker within a couple weeks to interview.

Keep Open Availability

Microtel values workers available to work all schedules. Applicants with open availability often receive extra attention during the consideration process.

Various Interview Structures

Microtel may use group interviews, one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, and company presentations to evaluate potential hires. Entry-level jobs, like front desk clerk roles, typically require applicants to participate in a single interview.

Predictable Interview Questions

Typically a face-to-face review with a hiring manager, the front desk interview includes basic questions, such as: "Why do you want to work here?" and "What would you bring to our hotel?" Microtel interview questions need clear and concise answers that show a strong fit for the job.

Management Positions

For management roles, job hopefuls usually need to go through two or three rounds of interview sessions. Managerial applicants usually provide examples of past experiences in leadership and hospitality management.

Drug Screens and Background Checks

Microtel may require applicants to submit to drug screening and background checks for specific jobs, as well.

Before the Interview

A job seeker should arrive on time with an up-to-date resume to highlight any previous experience in the hotel or travel industry. Candidates need to dress appropriately for the position desired. In most cases, job hopefuls should wear professional business attire, such as formal attire featuring muted color schemes like black or navy blue.

Be Professional and Follow Up

During the Microtel interview process, applicants should demonstrate customer-oriented, positive, and professional demeanors. Upon completing the interview process, job seekers may want to follow up with hiring representatives to check on employment status. For the best results, applicants should call or email hiring managers, express gratitude for the opportunity, and ask about employment decisions.

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