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Operating as a chain of nearly 60 locations in eight states, Miller's Ale House consistently seeks out customer-oriented individuals to fill a variety of restaurant roles. As the company continues to expand into new territories, the need for more workers rises, as well.

Facts About Working at Miller's Ale House

Hiring Age: 17 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Millers Ale House?)

Available Positions: Waiter/Waitress, Host/Hostess, Cook, Cashier, Bartender, Barman, Busser, Shift Manager, Floor Manager, Kitchen Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Miller's Ale House application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Miller’s Ale House Job Opportunities

Serving up a mix of bar food, premium appetizers, and good spirits, Miller’s Ale House offers full bar services in addition to exceptional menu choices. A growing company in the restaurant industry, opportunities remain widely available for eager hopefuls interested in starting in the field as well as professionals desiring long-lasting career. Entry-level employees must regularly display flexible scheduling, strong interpersonal behaviors, and superb communication skills. Different roles may require differing starting ages, as handling alcohol or working with kitchen equipment may prove necessary.

Various entry-level opportunities await interested applicants. As restaurants often need numerous individuals to ensure successful operations. Outgoing and customer-oriented individuals may find work as hosts and hostesses, servers, and busboys. Miller’s Ale House also regularly needs to hire experienced and skilled bartenders to make exceptional cocktails and provide memorable service. For workers interested in the culinary arts, positions as line cooks and prep cooks regularly stand available. Career-oriented individuals looking for long-lasting vocations in the restaurant industry thrive with the restaurant and bar company in assistant and general manager functions, as well.

Positions and Salary Information for Miller’s Ale House

A majority of entry-level positions require employees to stand at least 17 years of age in order to submit applications. High school diplomas or equivalents may also prove necessary. The restaurant and bar readily trains for the following positions:


  • Bartenders provide exceptional customer service while making and serving alcoholic beverages, taking food and drink orders, and maintaining company standards.
  • Employees must meet certain age standards, as workers handling and serving alcohol must stand at least 18 years of age, though certain state laws may require employees to stand 21 years old.
  • Additionally, bartenders must keep track of sales, work well with others, and preserve sanitary work areas.
  • Typically earning server wages plus tips, bartenders maintain the capacity to earn salary options upward of $30,000 a year.


  • Employees working as servers generally earn standard wages for tipped associates.
  • However, the opportunity to earn more via gratuity readily stands available.
  • Responsible for taking accurate orders, communicating with kitchen staff, and bringing food and drink orders to customers, servers must perform various duties while on the job.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to remember and relate menu options, and assisting guests with decisions remain desired qualities of any server.
  • Individuals interested in submitting applications should also demonstrate aptitudes for physical exertion, as servers must consistently move around, lift, bend, and stand for entire shifts.

Line Cook

  • Kitchen employees working as line cooks must preserve and uphold both company standards and health standards for prepared food.
  • Employees must follow established recipes, utilize proper food-handling procedures, and possess excellent communication skills.
  • Line cooks regularly use and clean equipment, perform assigned tasks, and assist others in the kitchen.
  • A line cook should expect to earn around $11.50 an hour.

Tips For Applying

The restaurant and bar offers job seekers a fast and easy online application. Potentials search for available positions by first designating the area of the country preferred. After selecting the location desired, candidates fill out online forms and questionnaires taking anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. Applicants should gather hiring information, including availability, employment history, and references beforehand to help expedite the process.

Application Status

Workers typically hear back from employers within one to two weeks of applying. Candidates receive confirmation emails when submitting applications online. For persistent job seekers, contacting the preferred location may show determination and drive to potential employers and result in additional application review. Applicants should remain aware of peak restaurant hours when contacting managers, whether in person or by telephone.

Benefits of Working at Miller’s Ale House

Entry-level employees:

  • Enjoy meal discounts
  • Prescription discount cards and access to life insurance
  • Short-term disability, and
  • Employee assistance programs.

Full-time workers and management personnel:

  • Earn highly competitive salary options
  • Bonus programs, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Additionally, workers may warrant medical, dental, and vision coverage.

More Information about Miller’s Ale House

Miller’s Ale House offers diners the Raving Fans Club, which offers a variety of benefits to patrons. In addition to receiving complimentary food and drink, customers may obtain information about current events, restaurant coupons, access to promotions, and birthday gifts. Users must fill out an online form on the company website in order to become a Raving Fan. Consumers receive regular emails as updates.

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