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Mimi's Cafe pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Mimi’s Cafe Application

Cafe chains often use paper hiring forms over online submissions to encourage workers to meet with management face-to-face. Job hopefuls looking for employment with the nationwide restaurant then use the personal meetings to discuss various aspects of positions available. Printable PDF applications further benefit prospective employees in granting additional time to complete the forms from home, without the possibility of interrupting the daily flow of operations onsite at a nearby storefront.

Turning in hiring documents onsite also provides managers glimpses of the attitudes prospective employees take toward the general public. Applicants should use the meetings with recruitment staff to interact with patrons and potential coworkers and show attentive and courteous demeanors toward others. Ask questions, remain personable, and display genuine interest in gaining employment. Personnel regularly interview candidates on the spot, which may lead to impromptu job offers.

How to Fill out the Mimi’s Cafe PDF Application

The easy-to-navigate documents divide into nine separate parts calling for relevant pieces of information. Standard sections for employment history, personal contact details, and academic backgrounds appear on the forms in addition to inquiries into availability, identification, and positions desired. PDF versions of the application also contain information on the company drug and alcohol policies and hiring practices. Fill in each section to receive full review.

Begin by placing the date in the box located in the upper right-hand corner of the first page. Beneath the box sit lines for name, address, and phone number. Applicants must also write in any aliases assumed in the past. Two questions surrounding status as an adult/minor and ability to provide proof of age close out the introductory section. A disclaimer clearly states no one under the age of 16 may work for the cafe.

“Employment Desired”
In the section entitled Employment Desired, workers fill in details about specific, sought-after positions for hire. Start with the job title and expected pay and then enter in preferred locations, referral sources, and first available start dates. Candidates must also indicate ability to work weekends and/or holidays.

A large chart dominates the Availability section. Workers must use the chart to record hour preferences for morning and evening shifts Monday thru Sunday. Candidates need to place the total number of hours preferred each week and indicate full-time or part-time desires for employment. The Mimi’s Cafe PDF asks about willingness to work overtime, as well.

“General Information”
Applicants then provide responses to miscellaneous questions related to employment with the chain. The section begins with questions about past employment with the cafe. If previously employed by Mimi’s, workers need to list the locations, former supervisors, and then list any friends or relatives currently working under the company banner. Provide the names of the friends and/or relatives and the locations employed. Job hopefuls must also reveal criminal histories, if applicable, on the lines provided. However, the form states any convictions of crimes involving marijuana over two years old need not appear on the documents. Candidates need to indicate ability to complete assigned duties without the need for special accommodations and disclose any counseling received for theft, inappropriate behavior in the workplace, or insubordination in the past.

“Educational History”
Brief yet informative, the Educational History section of the Mimi’s printable PDF application requires candidates to provide details surrounding academic institutions attended. In the spaces, workers list information for high schools and colleges, vocational, or trade schools. Place the names and locations of the institutions, courses of study, years completed, and types of degrees, certificates, or diplomas obtained, if applicable. Candidates must mark whether still in school by checking off the corresponding box at the bottom of the section. Indicate day or night classes if currently enrolled.

“Identification Requirements”
A single question appears in the Identification Requirements section asking if candidates possess the ability to produce proof of legal right to work in the United States if hired.

“Employment History”
Workers must disclose past jobs held in the last five years. Using the chart divided into three separate sections, applicants provide the names, locations, phone numbers, dates employed, starting and ending wages, past job titles, previous supervisor names, responsibilities, and reasons for leaving each post beginning with the most recent and working backwards. Two small checkboxes located at the end of each data field grant or deny the cafe chain permission to contact past employers. A smaller, separate chart below the main set of blank spaces provides room to account for any gaps in employment greater than three months.

“Drug and Alcohol Policy”
While no action remains necessary in the Drug and Alcohol Policy section, workers must read over the brief statements to fully understand expectations upon hire. The cafe chain takes a zero-tolerance stance toward drugs and alcohol in the workplace, including but not limited to possession, consumption, and/or trafficking.

“Please Read and Sign Below”
Before signing and dating the printable hiring forms, applicants must read over the waivers provided in the final section. The information covers the dissemination of the details found in the documents and the rights of workers upon hire. Candidates also learn Mimi’s Cafe operates as an at-will employer and reserves the right to terminate associates without notice for any reason.