Mobil Job Interview Questions & Tips

Get the Ball Rolling

Acknowledged globally as a distinguished member of the gas station and convenience store industry, Mobil seeks to interview applicants familiar with customer service. Applicants typically apply at an area store or online and face prescreening telephone interviews to begin the hiring process.

Interview Procedures

The gas station company most commonly uses one-to-one interviews with hiring personnel to screen job seekers. For more advanced roles, such as shift leader or manager, applicants participate in more than one interview and spend between two and three weeks under review. A typical worker receives a job offer during or immediately following the initial interview, especially for entry-level positions.

Customer Service Interview Questions

Customer service associates generally meet with hiring personnel in face-to-face interviews. Candidates should expect to answer such questions as, "When dealing with a difficult customer, what steps should you take to ensure both customer and store satisfaction?" and "Would varied shifts be something you'd have difficulty with?"

Answering Tips

If possible, draw from past occurrences when responding to Mobil interview questions and keep eye contact. Also maintain excellent posture and think of answers before talking. Candidates sometimes meet with other hiring personnel for supplementary interviews, although multiple interviews prove fairly rare.


Job hopefuls should show proficiency in executing convenience store and gas station responsibilities. The abilities to process payments quickly and efficiently, maintain clean storefronts, and answer questions about products and services remain vital for Mobil job consideration.

Dress Clothes

Interviewees should dress appropriately, whether business-casual for entry-level jobs or full business attire for supervisory positions.

Follow Up

Candidates may need to check back with some frequency after receiving no off at the conclusion of the hiring process.


  • monica says:

    do they drug test for working as a gas station attendant


    What are the part time shift hours?

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